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  • Aquarians, rocks!!!

    I came across something interesting somewhere on the internet and thought wanna share with you guys. Being a hindu, its a bit hard to escape from believing in astrology, zodiac reading, palmistry, numerology, kili josiyem ( Tarot parrot), muthu josiyem ( shell reading), Olaichuvadi ( errr, some ancient scriptures) and so on. Even if you don’t believe in all that, your elders will do, haha, so you cant escape from it either.

    To tell the list itself i felt tired, imagine to believe and have faith in all those stuff, crappy right?’s interesting to know but it is no good to get intoxicated into such stuff as it might make your mind controlled by the reading not your own conscious and subconscious mind.

    Here for all aquarians and non aquarians who wanna know more about aquarius, read below:


    Hot-hearted man who likes to do thing his way. He can suddenly decide to do
    something without thinking of it’s outcome. He is the type of guy with an
    inside energizer, so if you fall in love with this type of guy be "patient",
    even if you have to follow him a bit. His creative mind could create
    fantastic idea any time. If you do not understand or can not follow him, you
    won’t be with him for long.

    A man in this Zodiac will less likely to have a pale skin, and if he has a
    scar, it would be on his face or on his head. He moves very fast and very
    energetic, and he has a very self confident in himself. He is not the type
    to sit down and feel sorry or regret anything for long, especially with
    "Love". He loves justice. He dares to show his opinion or even argue about
    certain subject even he knows it might bring him problems. A straight
    forward type of guy.

    He hardly lies except if he think it is necessary and he is not a good liar
    anyway. He will not lie to you about serious matter, but if he lie he will
    lie only a small little thing. He is gifted with the ability to be a very
    social person. He could talk even about subject that he has no knowledge of.
    He interests only at the present time and look at the world positively. Many
    times he feels hurt because of reality, but he will not run away and he will
    overcome that difficulty.

    Even he is a high and self confident type and center his own thought as a
    main focus, but at the same time he is a kind, cute and polite guy. He
    certainly is not a mean person. He likes to help people who are in troubles
    even he is not asked to. He is the type who feels sorry if you remember bad
    things he said to you that he had already forgotten,but you did not. Belief
    him that he is very sorry and give him another chance.

    Once he decides to do something, he will put all his mind and energy in it
    either in his "Work", or "Love". He is the type who gamble anything in the
    casino, so do not even take him there. He does not like pessimistic, low
    energy, and depress person, especially no brain. Strangely he like to
    overpowered this type of people to assure that he is more superior.

    He like to be the first person to do something. You can see sparkling in his
    eyes, once he meet a new target or new lover. Once he is in love, he will
    act as if he never has love like this before. This minute he could be real
    sugar sweet, and later he could also be an icy cold, but do not blame him
    for that will only chase him away. He could fall in love again with another
    girl and act again like he never has this kind of love before.He could
    really love someone, but not a heart broken type for he thinks love is
    "excitement" and "Love goes on".

    If you date this kind of guy, do not or avoid showing your face to him with
    face pack, face mask, always be presentable, nice and cute. If he is quiet
    not because he is shy, but he is only quietly thinking. If you have a chance
    to ask his X-girlfriend, she will tell you that he is not a shy or quiet
    type. If he is really and truly in love with you, he will never lie to you
    at all. How do you know if he loves you, bet on your faith! Love him and
    treat him steadily and do not try to find anything to argue with him, he
    will be with you for sure.

    If you are his lover or girlfriend and need to tell him something, go and
    say it out loud and straight forward because he hate long boring story. He
    hate to play games, chasing for love or being chased, so let him call you
    first. He likes a confident woman who also a good follower. If he gets mad
    at you, let him be for only a short time he will be normal again. You have
    to like and be able to get along with his friends, but he does not have to
    do so with all your friends.

    Don’t ever think you could make him jealous by flirting with other man, he
    will just leave instead of making a scene because he is a confident man and
    has to be the first in everything.


    If you are in love with a woman in this zodiac be prepared to be very happy
    or be very sorry. She is a very busy person with her own matters similar to
    a guy in this zodiac. She is able to live by herself without any guy in her
    life, a very strong person indeed.

    Not because she does not have a dream guy, but if she can not find such
    person, so what. Because she thinks she could do anything that a man can do.
    She is a leader , a real confident type.

    She likes to do things by herself, such as serving herself, opening the door
    herself. Because she thinks waiting for a helping hand is a waste of time,
    and she is not patient enough to wait around for that. If she starts to ask
    you out, do not think she starts to flirt with you, but because she thinks
    it is a waste of time to wait for you to be the one who asked.

    She likes a COOL guy who sometime act like he is ignoring her, so he has a
    chance to show him his own confident. She like to guess her man’s reaction,
    but at the same time she likes to has many men wanting her. She is a daring
    type who could just do thing differently from other people in her same
    society. She dare to fight for what she thinks belonged to her.

    Even she acts confident she mostly feel lonely and alone. If she breaks up
    with someone , she won’t show any emotion even deep down inside pain and
    agony. Not for long she will come back to be the cheery and merry person
    again, because she looks at the world positively and has "Faith" in the word

    She has more men friends than women friends, so do not be a jealous type if
    you date her. She could be slightly jealous, but she hates jealous guy. She
    loves "Freedom" so before and after marriage , her freedom has to be the
    same. She likes you to trust her, even if she does not trust you anyhow.

    She likes to be the one who is "Right", so if you argue with her , let her
    win if it is not a big deal for you in that subject. She is a straight
    forward type, so if she does not love you anymore, she will just tell you
    straight to your face. Her love and relationship are always real, so if she
    say "It’s over" be prepare to leave, she is not testing you.

    She is not a vulnerable type, so do not have to worry about her, she will
    survive by herself. If she is with you when you get sick, she will certainly
    take care and look after you, even look after you mean "small loan". Do not
    have secret with her, she hates it and really can piss her badly. When she
    is sad , be understanding. When she is happy, be happy with her, she likes

    You will not get bore with this type of girl. Someone who is close to her
    will know that deep down beneath that confident and cold hearted person, she
    is just as fragile as any woman. She is a fun and talkative person and she
    likes to tease you. Do not let she talk alone, if you do she will leave.

    She has many type of jobs because she beliefs what a man can do, I can do.
    If you want her to work for you, forget it. When she is in love, she will
    just leave her job in the day time just to come to see you, but not for long
    she will go back to work seriously again. Prepare to live and love with a
    "Working Woman" then you will be OK.

    If she mad, find a shelter for the "Hurricane" is here! Her bad temper will
    last very shortly though. She is not a revenge type and will not think of
    "pay Back" time. Most people might think of her as "One of a guy", but in
    fact she is a 100% woman. She is easily hurt, so be nice with her. If she
    really loves you, then you are lucky because she is an honest, truthful and
    will never bored you. Understand that sometimes she will be over confident
    and sometimes like to have power or act bossy.

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    4 Responses to “Aquarians, rocks!!!”

    1. Novinthen says:

      LOL.. aiyoyo.. pochi ponge..

      I oso Aquarian…

      Dengan ini saya membuat Statutory Declaration yang Birthday Saya ,adalah pada hari mulia, 27 january ( promo sikit for buffday gift ) ….

    2. inspireme says:

      I’m an aquarian too! We rocks~ We are great ppl:) hehe

    3. vickn3s says:

      yea, people!!! we rockin massive, yeah!!!lolx

    4. says:

      ..::M3 and mys3lf and mY thOUghtZ::.. » Blog Archive » Aquarians, rocks!!!…

      It’s a post about the characteristic forecast of aquarians. Author find it kind of accurate as he himself is one….

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