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  • Bon Voyage Singapore

    I was away to Singapore for the past 3 days. It was a fun filled but tiring weekend traveling up and down from Johor Bahru to Singapore, putting up my nights over in Singapore and JB but I had to miss my favorite Udumbu curry from the corner shop aunty because my body was over heated and nose started to bleed, hmm..

    The reason i visited Singapore again was because I have some pending business with the MOM (ministry of man power, singapore)- Employment Pass cancellation. Being a sentimental *&^%, I felt a bit sad to give back the EP as it was with me for the past one year but I had to. While i was on the way to the lion city, i started to admire some of the real multiracial culture over there. In a word, all the race and languages are given equal priority (although its not really like that from the insider view,hehe)

    Can you see the signage is written in all 3 languages? Yea, B. Malaysia is not included there because everyone reads English. Besides that, you don’t “lah” expect them to do direct translations like “papan kekunci” for keyboard, “kayu ria” for joystick and “bandar cina” for Chinatown, lolx…

    I was observant enough and i always wanted to snap these kinda pictures and share on my blog but just that I don’t feel it was right time to do so, because people might think that im sucking up to Singaporeans, lolz!!

    And i never seen any ministry in Malaysia had given respect to Mandarin and Tamil language to be included on their department sign board. Why is that so, are we really practicing multiracial policy over here in Malaysia?

    The past one year in singapore, had taught me hell lot of life experiences such as travelling in and out from a country on daily basis and learned the almost alike but totally different culture and life style. Besides that, I had learn about the work place politics. It’s not something new for me but this is the kiasu version and the skin color and nationality discrimination more than the favoritism version that we have over here in Malaysia.

    All those worse moments over there in Singapore made me stronger and there are times thought of dumping the job and get my ass back to (so called) homeland and work for lesser dime. But the commitments and all those disgrace that I’ve got from the people surround me at that period made me more determined to survive here. Waking up at 4am and get ready to work, get stuck in the snailing traffic in either causeway link or second link, plus the 1 hour back aching motorbike ride to upper paya lebar road via SLE (seletar expressway) and the fear of getting hit and run by those “professional” Singapore drivers, phew…not forgetting the rainy season, get wet all the way and shiver under the aircond with my wet undies, ewww….that shitty feeling was the worse “lah”. By time I get back home after work to JB, it will be around 10-11pm, with the tiredness, i wont even feel like wanna have my dinner or supper or what ever you call it. And same bloody routine all over again till my rest day. Fun huh? Check out my earlier grumblings here!!!

    Out of all these miseries, the only reason that keep me going was not because I love the job but the wages that i get for working for them in SGD (Singaporean Dollar). Undeniably, the sole reason why Malaysian are willing to work there eventhough sometimes we are being treated like third world refugees in their country is because of their currency. These experience had opened my eyes to treat those india “anne” whom are working in the mamak shops better and with more respect. There’s a proverb, you will never know how it really feels until you get burnt by the fire.

    And my favorite quote to keep me going is: ” I am still alive and i’m still healthy enough to ride to work. I am not gonna die if I suffer little bit now, because I know god and guruji has better plan for me”

    Back to EP submission, I was travelling all alone in the MRT from Kranji Station towards Dhoby Ghaut Interchange and take another train to Chinatown and walk to havelock road. My friends through out my journey was my “kanne” ( which means eyes, in tamil) Canon EOS Rebel xTi 400D. The reason why I call her kanne because she captures all what i love to see through my tissue eyeballs via her lens “eyeballs”. As usual, i was utilizing her to the max but never abuse as she’s my darlz.

    Reach MOM office at 12.38pm, went to the Q ticket counter, press the E button for EP cancellation Q. While i was walking towards the escalator, coincidently I met my hommie, Das, who use to run an Indian restaurant back in Pahang. He asked me what am i doing there and told him that i’m done with my current contract and do not wish to extend with them so i’m on my own now. And when i asked him, he said: ” I came to file a lawsuit on my ex-employer”. my 1st reaction was, i shook his hand and congratulated him for the brave action. The reason behind the action was because again, the fucking racism and discrimination to the foreign worker. But in Das case, it was worse till the employer refuse to pay their salary, humiliate them in front of the customers in his working restaurant. And the worse part was, the tharani restaurant owner said: ” You foreigner dogs who came to save your rice bowl, just shut up and do your work, else you need to eat shit when you get back to Malaysia”. ( If you know tamil, please direct translate it and try to imagine how you would feel if some one tells you that when you are far away from your family and friends without any support like an orphan in other country). My next question to das was, when is the hearing and when the results will be out. I told him to ask for maximum compensation and get that bus3rd maximum penalty for messing with foreign workers and for ill treating the employees. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the sick boss would be given maximum penalty for his deeds.

    As i was running out of time, i took das’ new contact number and left to the information counter. To my ease, the officer told me just to drop the EP into the pigeon hole kind of box near the entrance of the building.

    dropping in my employment pass into the pigeon hole. 🙁

    Bye Bye, EP!!

    I left MOM heavy hearted because the same a year ago i was walking up and down for the EP application and now no more connection with MOM anymore( for time being). I will be back Singapore, not for the currency, but i have many pending business to be settled there. Majulah Singapura!!

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    5 Responses to “Bon Voyage Singapore”

    1. Novinthen says:

      Which restaurant is this. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      Lets turn this topic into I hate singapore bashing section. hehehe

    2. anbumalar says:

      owhhh okk……soo ur done wit workin in s’pore?? sooo where to now?? wuts ur new journey like…??
      i can see tht u went thru soooo much tht ur so *senti-menti* n *emo-nemo* til u took pics of u droppin off ur ep…hah but in a way ur relieved to nah.. 😉

    3. shantini says:

      Oh gosh, that’s very sad to see u dropping ur EP card. So r u starting ur own business, boss? :p

    4. vickn3s says:

      i believe god has a better plan for me,lolx.. not kind of starting own biz yet, shantini, just some freelance stuff.

    5. shantini says:

      Doing freelance, gives u more time for yourself. That’s good in a way. Anyway, my best wishes to u.


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