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Among the circle of my close friends, I am known as King of summons. It’s not something to be proud of and to be boast about but it’s just that I have no idea how to start this blog posting, hahahaha.

Well, here in Malaysia, we have few integrated system which enable us to check our traffic summonses via online portal or even sms services. We use to pay our summonses if we receive any by mail or by hand ( on the spot offense) but if the notification was undelivered and after the grace period, the summon will become non compoundable and after that it turns out to be seize warrant. Well, you might have paid the summon earlier if you knew the existence of it, right? But due to the unwanted circumstances, you are screwed.

With these services, you do not have to miss those angpows and pay the governmental bodies extra bucks and you can save it up for the hiked petrol price.

Check via SMS (Short Messaging Services)

  • To check summon registered under your IC no


Example: POLIS SAMAN 710503005100

Send to DAPAT or 32728

  • To check summon register under your car/bike registration no.

Type: POLIS SAMAN [car no]

Example: POLIS SAMAN WPQ1234

Send to DAPAT or 32728

  • To check all your summons (where and how you get it)


Example: POLIS SAMAN 710503005100 SEMUA

Send to DAPAT or 32728

* Every sms sent cost according to your telco, and every sms received cost 50 sen

Check via Internet

To check online, there are 2 known sites:


Here, you not only will be able to check your PDRM, JPJ and DBKL summonses but you also will be able to renew your vehicle road tax online here. But to access anything on MyEg, you’ve got to register an account with them. No worries, its FOC. They do have few option for you to check on the summon like you can use IC number or Vehicle registration number as the common search criteria.


My personal favorite site, hehe. Compare to MyEG, Rilek is more simpler and the registration process in order to check the summon can be void here, meaning you have the option to have an account or just check anonymously. But Rilek doesnt provide as many as services that MyEG does. Besides that, you will be able to make payment for your summons here. And after you input the required data, the output shall look as below picture:

Also available at e-Services . The functions are more or less the same with Rilek and MyEG.

Happy checking and keep your fingers crossed while the page is loading, you will never know how many speed gun caught your speed trail. haha

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