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  • Last Weekend, I was with Zohan

    You don’t know zohan? It’s ok, but you’ve got to know Adam Sandler !! As mentioned in my previous postings, I was in Singapore for the last weekend and one of my activity was movie session at Cathay, Singapore with the complimentary ticket, haha. Life is so good when you have some one working in cinemas and hair saloon and its always good when you get OC tickets, lolz.

    It was the 1st movie show or what ever show for me at the Lion City. I was wondering will there be any differences between Malaysian Cineplex and the one in Sing. Looks like nothing much differs from each other but just the audience. Audience, err…

    I saw something, yea a pair of couples “playing their toys” in the cinema hall. I guess that female was turned really horny ( worn a short dress) till she cant even sit quietly and keeping her thighs rubbed against another, wildly. I do not know how else to narrate such situation with proper English. All I can say is, those horny horses should go home and continue with their business rather than distracting others. Well, I wasn’t stalking on them but they were right in front of me, goddamnit… I do not say Malaysians are holy saints but its just that i have not seen anyone doing such disgusted stuff in public like this. you can see such stuff anywhere in singapore. singaporeans, agree??

    Allow me to back to the track, hehe. where was i, oh yea, the movie……

    Adam Sandler stars as The Zohan, as he’s known, is Israel’s most legendary commando. He can karate kick through walls, catch bullets with his teeth and outswim jet boats; he’s equally skilled in the bedroom. But after awhile he tires of killing off terrorists and barbecuing nude with bikini-clad babes on the beach and longs for more meaning in his life.

    “When will we have peace?” he asks his mother, played by the veteran Israeli actress Dina Doronne. “How much longer will we have to fight?”

    “We’ve been fighting for 2,000 years,” she responds blandly, “so it should be over soon.”

    Zohan doesn’t buy it, so he fakes his own death in dramatic fashion so he can re-emerge anonymously in Manhattan and fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a women’s hairstylist. There he charms his way to success and discovers that Jews and Arabs can get along, before some ridiculous plot lines force him back to his aggressive ways.

    Israelis didn’t seem too slighted by the not-too-favorable portrayal of them. At Wednesday’s premiere in Tel Aviv, the packed crowd burst out in ovation and laughter at each sighting of an Israeli actor and at each over-the-top cliche of their behavior — like when Zohan brushes his teeth with hummus, disco dances with a huge bulge in his pants or plays paddle ball with hand grenades. Source

    The whole movie was full of laughters and some uncensored scenes, yea and that’s why I love Singapore for uncensored movies (+ the uncensored live show by the horny couples, lolz). Besides the humors, the female cast, Emmanuelle Chriqui, she was like the OH MY GOD, read my lips, OH MYYYY GODDDDD kinda hot looking chic…can you believe that I cant forget her smile even after i crossed the Singapore Immigration Checkpoint 3 hours after that movie? You might think that i am over-exaggerating but see for your self below:

    Not convinced with my exaggeration, see more

    Still not? ermm, then click here to see another one or here to see her picture gallery.

    And if you still cant agree with me, go watch that movie, arse!!

    Disclaimer: The author never perform any self satisfying sexual (SSS) act nor any masturbation performed exploiting the above lady as sexual imaginary object. my love is true to you, emmanuelle, hahahaha

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    10 Responses to “Last Weekend, I was with Zohan”

    1. says:

      Last Weekend, I was with Zohan…

      A fun filled experience at Cathay singapore, its about the people and the culture….

    2. devi says:

      hey i am frm spore n i dun agree that u see such things everywhere! What u saw is kinda rare! Haha! The difference between the theaters in spore n msia is that spore is a million times cleaner n more comfortable! Oh n it is also twice the amount in msia 😛

    3. vickn3s says:

      hehe, i don’t have any grudge or prejudice towards Singapore or Singaporeans. im just telling what i saw..i was there oni for a year and i see dat often…do we call dat rare? seri seri…anyway, devi, thanks for dropping by…what i meant by malaysian cinemas are not jb broadway or perling mall cineplex, lolz…go to kl, or any other cinemas. did u went for dasavataram in causeway point? do u noe the condition of the cinema after the show, it was full of “vettalai” and Kuaci all around..i didn’t over exaggerate , my reliable source is an asst mgr talking about the cinema nt the street…i do admit, sgpore has hundred times cleaner environment than malaysia…cheers!!!

    4. devi says:

      I did go to the one in KL n i must admit it was soooooo much better than JB! But i still prefer spore’s though 😛

      I rarely watch tamil movies here cause i its too exp,packed all the time n i dun wan to sit in the middle of the ppl screaming n whistling.(those fellows from india) so i don’t know the condition it is in.Btw u mean causeway point in spore?Since when did causeway point start showing tamil movies?LOL! Take care =)

    5. vickn3s says:

      oh great, u didn’t even know that causeway point had dasavataram and u are talking as if you know in and out about Singapore cinemas? now i do really feel like laugh out loud… check it out dear, cathay did took the reel and showed it there. yea the last tamil movie in causeway point was samrat asoka and now dasavataram. got that fact clear?

    6. devi says:

      hey i DID mention i rarely watch tamil movies here! u sure it is yishun or causeway point?I am talking about cinema theaters here not tamil movie?u got that clear?=)

    7. vickn3s says:

      i am very sure its causeway point woodlands, singapore, south east asia, asia. lolz. chill ler…sounds tensed up ny….take a chill pill devi..lolz

    8. mmuurrllyy says:

      ops…fight is on..LOL

    9. vickn3s says: la murly, devi got pissed off and went d…i miss devi…:( haha…its just healthy discussion ma..haha

    10. Novinthen says:

      adedad… i missed this :p devii ohh devii..

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