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  • Why so serious?

    After being kind of outdated, finally i watched The Dark Knight today morning. Due to heavy traffic congestion, i missed the 1st 15 minutes of the show where my most anticipated scene was gone. It was the scene where batman will fly down with his wings open and smack on the van. hmm..guess i gotta go for the 2nd show else should get a DVD.
    The show was about 2 hours plus but i never felt bored even for a minute. Imagine a Tamil movie with 5 songs and dance sequence which last 2.5 hours drags me into sleep but the dark knight kept me awake till the curtains down. The joker, was not a joker at all. A true villain but he’s DEAD. Wonder do you guys aware that Heath Ledger starred as The Joker in The Dark Knight is dead due to overdosed of anti-anxiety pills. read more here
    I would highly recommend everyone to watch this movie. I do not wish to write more about the synopsis. Watch it yourself and enjoy the show the fullest without knowing what is gonna happen by reading the reviews and synopsis’s.My rating for this movie 4.25 over 5.
    I scribefired this blog. Find out about it more here .

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    6 Responses to “Why so serious?”

    1. novinthen says:

      first to comment . lol ….

      Dark Knight rocks to the max 🙂 ..

      The social theme behind the movie was good…

      Humans dont have principals. Push them to the wall,they will break

    2. vickn3s says:

      and yea baby, there are few quotes that u can implement in our daily life.

    3. Durai says:

      Karupah irunthalum nerepah than irekan inthe batman…hehehe

    4. hyperX says:

      Seems like everybody in the world talking about this highly anticipated movie. All friends around me who have watched the movie said it was great and it’s not a typical superhero movie like others. Therefore, highly recommended for those who fed up of those typical superhero movie.

    5. novinthen says:

      adeadeadeade…. enna ma punch dialog.. hehe

    6. vickn3s says:

      yea hyperX, its a no lost watching it kinda movie!!im still mourning for the gr8 joker!!!

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