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  • End of sunday


    It has been a routine for those yuppies and 9-6 working people ( including me) to like wait for the friday to come and always have the wish to pause the weekends or prolong the saturday night and sunday morning ( to sleep after got hnag over). But the matter of fact is, no one can change the universal rules where after sunday, its definately a monday, a very blueeeee monday.

    Even me hate Monday morning. The boss face normally will be like shit after had some long arguement with the wife during the weekend trip to in laws place. To avoid seeing the sickening face, we head towards pantry and we will see the sleepy face tea lady yawning 101 times and makes us feel even more sleepy. So i feel the only way to motivate ourself is our own bloody mindset. Well, I do divert my mind to the pay day mood, make myself consoled that pay day is not too far, its just days to go ( eventhough we’ve just got the salary like 3 days ago). Or you can try to avoid the sickening work pressure by visiting Fish Spa like i did here during the weekdays itself. Reason why is that so is, atleast we will habe some topic to talk about among your on the next day of the another boring weekday.


    Well this monday will be a big monday for me, where i will be joining a new job, meeting new colleagues,new boss,and doing totally different job function ( thank god no more phone calls, damn i hate service desk environment). Only thing that bothers me now is the car park allocation. lolz.

    Wish me luck and Cheers!!!

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    7 Responses to “End of sunday”

    1. Novinthen says:

      Good luck bro! 🙂

      and others please visit Motivating Mondays at . heheheh 🙂

    2. vickn3s says:

      thanks jo..hey yea, long time didnt hear from saran ji d…yea i had visited…kinda motivating though….thank god i did studied, but didnt study hard but smart ( cheat smart) lolz…

    3. dr.G-totz says:

      All the best buddy!!… 🙂

    4. Suren@Achu says:

      Apa lagi…. I really happy for you my buddy… Good luck always… Even though Service Desk job is a good for learn new things in IT field …. Even my self learned alot things thru this. But i just cant stop my mouth by telling…. “Its a curse.”

      At last you achived what you want in your life. Chill Out Always….

      Vaalge Valamudan….

    5. vickn3s says:

      thanks bhai..sure will bring u in asap!! cheers!!

    6. iCalvyn says:

      we always wish to reach saturday and sunday… no need working and can relex at home… what a great life

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