Fireworks at Putrajaya

I missed the 1st firework show on the last Tuesday and it was indeed disappointing. Today is the 2nd team performance from China (16 August 2008), so we didn’t actually had any high hope to make it there but since we were out for dinner in cyberjaya, so novin said, why not go for a photo shoot with my kanne.

Hehe, when it comes to kanne, of course i do get excited and i nodded eagerly although i was recovering from fever. I was reading lil bit about how to capture fireworks with dSLR the other day and slept off with the e-book which i printed from my office the other day as a home work for my 1st ever fireworks photo shootout.

To avoid congestion, we arrived way earlier and waited till 10 pm for the firework show. But guess the location we went this time wasn’t really a good choice. Why? it’s too far away from the venue where they fire out.

I had set the camera to ISO 100 and low shutter speed with the tripod on the grass by the cyberjaya lake. Great view, beautiful weather with partner to chit chat, everything seems to be fine although the firework show was delayed to almost 30 minutes. But I don’t know is it just me or my dumbness, I didn’t realize that my kanne was not fed full ( battery not charged ler) and it only has half bar left. I was praying that it should last me till the show ends but i guess god too busy watching the fireworks and ignored and KIVed my prayer. The battery dead half way and i was sitting like a dumb ass with lifeless camera.lolz

I would say its a good experience for me as its the first time I’m snapping fireworks picture, I had learned to choose an correct location and more or less in the setting for night shooting and also to CHARGE MY BATTERY. lolz, Hope you guys enjoy the pic and please comment, it keeps me growing.

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  1. it’s simply WOW ! nice.It doesn’t seem to be your first time taking firework pictures.

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