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  • I bet you wouldn’t wanna meet such a b**ch!

    As usual, I logged in to my machine, started up the neccesary application for support. Meanwhile, I was checking my email and found an " interesting" yet fucking annoying thing in one of the email that ruby (ruby is a guy) forwarded to me. Maybe a customer service person would understand another better that is why the mail was sent with such a angered subject which i don’t wish to disclose what was it.

    The matter here is not about who sent the mail or how did i got it. You might have heard it some where else earlier but i just want to bring in people and parents attention that please don’t raise a bitch or a bastard. I am so sorry to use such word but i have to and you will agree to me after complete reading the blog . Raise them like a human being with some common sense and who know to give basic respect to another human.

    Watch this video 1st and there is something more mind blowingly uumph at the bottom of the post.

    Children see children does from First and last name on Vimeo .

    I’m no saint, you see foul words in my blog too and i do admit that i am branded as walking vulgar dictionary ( right, pal?). I am not proud to be one, the reason i am saying this is to protect me from be "anwarized" when people ask me am i hell of great to comment about others who act like a barbarian. BUT, my parents didn’t teach me to behave like the person as below conversation. I know the conversation is pretty lengthy but its full of "lesson". And i don’t wish to being a racist again, but you would know who am i referring to after listening to the conversation.

    I had edited the female’s name and IC number during the verification part.

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    139 Responses to “I bet you wouldn’t wanna meet such a b**ch!”

    1. been there done that says:

      I jus got back from searching her place.
      It’s like in a really remote area of cheras.There r a lot of other tamans but somehow we managed to find it. Also, every Jalan has its own security guard house,when u reach the right jalan jus tell the guard that ur looking for a house for sale,(thats what i told him n he believed me cos it happened to b an unoccupied house for sale jus a few houses away from that bitch’s doghouse).

    2. Siva says:

      well the legal action in the progress….they did not terminated me….my contract expired on 31st July….i got permanent job in another department in astro itself….suppose to start this month….but becoz of this issue i was rejected….she did nt cm to astro on tat day…this issue has gone to astro ceo itself…she gt went to astro few times but the security didnt let her in becoz the management strictly doesnt want to meet her…and the ceo has ordered tat no cs hav to answer her call…..guys u all knw how she look like??? short,dark,fat……..

    3. vickn3s says:

      hahaha, nice name…

    4. vickn3s says:

      wahhh, so tight security one a?but u didnt meet her a?

    5. vickn3s says:

      omg, my deepest sympathy for u nt getting the job there bro just bcuz of that FAFO b*tch..she just played with an indian teenagers life..bro, she will get her lesson.dun wry…if u need any assistance in getting job, i have friends working in Employment agency and also from come MNC’s HR department. Please send ur resume to
      cheer up bro..

    6. m3nic@ says:

      THis girl must have sum mental problem i guezz..itz not the rite way for her to SPEAK like tat..wat she meanz by bledy indian fella..then wat is she…vellakarichi laa???
      the minute i heard the conversation,i was seriously pissed with that girl..her mada like one big hell teaching him how to handle customerz..but the mada failed to teach the own daughter wat is politeness..
      shez talking like as tho she’s the only customer astro has..ask her to fly kites sure astro dun mind loosing a mad customer like her..n her mada said tat wanna flash hiz pic in newspaper but luk at dat..the daughterZ story is spread ALL OVER THE world..kakakaka..i wonder if her neighbourz o fwenz can satnd her..shez MAD!!!!WAT U MEAN BY MY BLEDY PROBLEM..CISSSS!!!

    7. Sharmi says:

      waalaow!!! so many comments???? hahaa
      Siva, cheer up dunt worry ok..its just a part of life..anyway just pray to God tat you will not have to face this kind of ppl anymore in ur life…

      To Kanagambikai (not sure correct spelling):- please if you come accross this blog.. dunt be angry with us but please next time think b4 you throw your words out. We are INDIANS..i think we shudnt fight among INDIANS. Threat another INDIAN as ur own blood…we are having tough time la… and its not easy to grow up in life now…you made Siva lost his job and do you know how hard it is to find a job nowadays…
      pitty him..just once before you talk try to think yourselve in the person’s shoes/point.

      dunt be so hot always blocks you in achiving in ur life…
      dunt think m advising you or wat not.. its a request ok…

    8. Chan says:

      Ur the man Siva.. U have all my respect.

    9. vijayasri says:

      hi friends..everyone has to agree the world is while i was chitchatting wit my aunt.she heard the conversation and i got to know that actually we know this family..her dad is working in MAS(NAGAMUTHU) n mom(SUSILA) is our insurance agent and also a school teacher..she is not from PR as what she mentioned..they shifted to bdr tun hussein onn.
      my aunt says she will bring me to meet them this Saturday.i really wanted to meet her ..want to see WATS her problem..i should advise her mom to have a brain insured first of all..she might have some sort of mental distress..

    10. vickn3s says:

      its all in the game yea,…now we just pray that siva will get the job lorr!!its not jeeva, its siva, okie….

    11. vickn3s says:

      haha, shalu, u are here as well..lolz…yea its the most commented topic and also the most visited..i’ve got a shock to see the statistic as goes to kakak tembikai a.k.a kanagambikai
      guess wat, one of our fren here vijayasri is sumhw getting close with that sick family…we shall wait for her updates abt them…lolz

    12. vickn3s says:

      hahah, still hunting huh…lolz….insurance agent huh, get her daughter insured 1st la..with those kinda absent minded child at home, she is the one should worried of her daughter’s safety for not being bashed up (for her cibai mouth)..the dad is pilot or cargo side?llolz

    13. earthcreature says:

      Vijayasri, tell us what is the updates of your visits to Tembikai house?
      Didn’t anyone do anything when you guys found her house?

    14. earthcreature says:

      err…don’t forget to snap her photo and upload it so that we can see how scary she really is. ;-P

    15. M.Thogai Letchumy says:

      i oso listen to that conversation few days b4..the girl is really shud be a ‘padicha muttaal’ i think..oru pen eppadi pesakkoodathu enbathatku oru nalla uthaaranam anthe pen endra ‘pei’.. i really feel very sorry for that guy..if can i oso wana her num..the conversation clearly shows that its not important how well we study, the important thing is how well we respect others..padichiruntha mattum pattaathu..padittep panbaalargalaagavum irukka terinjirekkenum..i think the girl forget 2 understand 1 thing..what we did to others surely will reflect 2 us 1 day soon..then she will know how the guy might feel..
      i rely fill very bad to say d following phrase..but, its true wat ? SHE IS REAL STUPID LADY ! amma valarppum sariyyille maybe..!

    16. shahlini says:

      hahaha…..i think nambe akka school pogale pola…her mum advice vki to learn to ‘how to speak in a good manner’, but i think she have teach her ###$^### dauhgter how to talk with others. she think avungge ‘peter’nnu……cakap macam org kampung…pavam avungge varunggale purushan
      🙁 i hope they will deserve for what they have done…

    17. vickn3s says:

      hahaha, case perusa aagirumeh…hehe

    18. vickn3s says:

      dun wry letchumy, this kinda ppl oni will live very long..haha

    19. vickn3s says:

      advice vki hw to talk a?adhui, papa, that guy is not me la…yenna kodumei sir ithu!!!

    20. Sharmi says:

      yeah.. m alwys here la Vicky…haha… the only place i can feel like m in my own country…hahaha…

    21. shahlini says:

      sorry for typer error pa…hehe

    22. vickn3s says:

      hahaha, no wories shalini…

    23. vickn3s says:

      where a?here in my blog????

    24. Siva says:

      i got job d… now banking industry…better job than previous 1…

    25. INDIAN says:

      Kanaggambikai a/p Nagamuthu
      Tel 016-2081807
      52 jalan suadamai 6/3,Bandar Tun Hussein Onn,Batu 9 Cheras, Cheras,43200 Selangor D.E


    26. vickn3s says:

      indian, neenge late pa…we got that info earlier d..hehehe..anyway, thanks pa

    27. vickn3s says:

      OMG,congrats bro!!!!!!we all wish u all the best!!!

    28. Gallivanter says:

      I bet she’s lonely…hahahaha!

    29. Durai says:

      Well, Mr. Siva, you deserve my respect.

      For Tembikai, I really want to see you face to face .

      No matter how good anyone English is, I would never ask them to go war of words in English with you Tembikai.

      Une ellam tamil leh othe adikenum.

      Vicky bro, I’m pretty sure she must have read this blog.

    30. vijayasri says:

      sorry frens..they are very much alert..

    31. earth^creature says:

      Siva, congratulation to you! Hopes all the best in your new career. It is great that you are in a new better world rather than stay in the previous work place.

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    33. Human With Feelings says:

      There are some people out there who thinks that when they have money to pay their bills, they have all the power to make noise. The more they have the money the more arrogant they become. They fail to realize the pain of other people and start treating like slaves.This girl of 22 years old and her respectful mother has great arrogants within them until they failed to realize that their words could turn out to be their greatest humiliation and embarrassment of their life forever. Jeeva@Siva is a guy, and he would definitely know bad words more than the girl. If he can keep his cool and be patient, what is there for the ladies to talk that much? Girls are said to be equivalent to flowers. I guess now those 2 ladies are the most ugliest person i have ever heard about. What is English without respect? Now, all the indians are thrashing out whatever dirty and sexually related comments to Kanangambigai and her mother in English. Are they proud of their English now? They should receive the Datukship instead of Shah Rukh Khan for their great customership!!

    34. Kreator says:

      Well, you don’t fight fire with fire. I was deeply disappointed when i heard the audio clip. She was basically harassing the poor guy. But what I am more disappointed in is that one of you actually put her cellphone number and her house address. Some people are down right rude and obnoxious. But that doesn’t give any of you to call her up and harass her. Plus, you have also published her address on the website. What if something happens to her? Is the person who put her personal details on the website gonna take responsibility. All of you talk about that lady putting Indians to shame. I personally think that people who harassed that women is equally embarrassing. People who harassed her should put away your gangster mentality and try to be more civil in future. You can only teach people to be civil when you yourself are civil. This post is purely directed to the one’s who has harassed that women in any way. I also hope that the moderator of this blog will remove her personal details from the website.

    35. wikiwiki says:

      the screaming banshee’s mother obviously speaks better than her and she’s telling him his english is bad? what a funny, irrational woman. pity her children if she has any. SHE should work as a customer service exec. She’ll be sacked within a day!

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    37. sara says:

      i tink c period la,,tat y..hehe..v keep telling other races x treat us equally,,but u all c la how v(indian) treat each other..and also ppl out her pls try to talk in tamil,,i dont understand wat d fuck problem when 2 indian meat,,sure will talk in english,,u all go and c other races ppl,,if chinese meat tey talk in their mother tongue…tamila vazha,,and i heard tat woman dark,fat and short,,hehehe

    38. aNbUMaLaR says:

      bbwhwhahahahah…is tis ting for real…??
      i quote “jeevvaa don get TO my nerves wokay”(isn’t it supposed to be don’t get ON my nerves??? *scratched head ;p)…
      bwahahaha n she of all ppl, complaining tht d poor guy can’t speak fluent english…owhh n another one “jeevaa if i come there ur ON hot soup (eerr i tink its IN hot soup)…
      neways i personally tink Siva’s spoken english was much better, it was neutral n not horribly pungent wit a typical accent like tht lady…n i’m not sayin havin a typical accent is wrong (evry Malaysian can’t escape frm tis…ehehhe) but don try to show off like ur the oxford dictionary or somethin n don try to fake an accent… (her mum kinda had an accent goin on there n she spoke wit a tinge of sarcasm though she was calm n composed, ohhh well lets jus not comment bout her mom cos afterall she’s a Mother n she did try to calm her daughter down askin her to rest the case)…
      but heyy thanks i did have a good laugh wit the language thingy…its very ok n much appreciated if ur not sure how to use flowery bombastic words n jus speak simple language wit confidence cos atleast its better than usin it in a wrong context or wit a grammar/noun/verb tht even a 3rd grader would knw is SO wrong…!! ;p

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