Man need help!

I’ve received an email today and i felt very much disturbed, so i planned to postpone today’s posting and wanted to share this lil piece of info with all of you guys.

Charity – Distress Email – Deeneswaran
Deena worked as a technician in Sanyo Automedia Sdn. Bhd. (Penang
Island Plant). He met with an accident on 27-7-2008 at about 9 pm. He
broke his leg and fracture on his bone. His friend rushed him to GH
but waited for about 3 hours also nothing has been done, Later they
rush him to Gleneagles and operation was carried out immediately.
After the operation everything seems to be okay but on 28-7-2008 about
9 pm, he became confused and later difficult in breathing. It is
because Fat Embolism travel to his brain and lungs. Now he is in ICU
of Gleneagles in unconscious stage(critical stage). He is in life
support ventilator.

Total expenses increase rapidly and personal insurance had hit the
limit. The family seek help from every one to top up his expenditure
which can help him to go beyond this critical stage. A website was
setup to update the status of Deena with saddening pictures.

For some of you, it might sounds like a scam mail like ” BILL GATES IS SHARING HIS FORTUNE” or ” AOL is REALLY PAYING!!” kinda mail. but trust me, this time its for real and Deena’s friends actually took the picture of his condition in ICU and share with us. Please view them here


after posting this topic, i tried to click on the link that i shared but it didn’t seems to be working. i cleared off the / deena_in_accident.html and i got this /Deena_Passed_Away.html or here . I don’t even know this guy, but i felt very much heart ache. I don’t know why, but i swear i did. May his soul rest in peace. Lets have a moment to pray for him.

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  1. Putera / Pemuda MIC has been trying to help this guy..


    Putera MIC Bayan Baru has visited the victim and family at Gleneagles Penang
    The victim is in very bad condition and living with 50% survival chances. He is in
    ICU, and being treated by THREE specialist.
    There is no treatement can be given as the antibody of the patient’s body must
    work to seperate the fat embolism.
    This is rare case in which happens to 1 out of 100 patients.

    Sanyo gave some token for operation which cost RM 8k, and his insurance money was
    also used up for initial treatment. Now, everyday ICU charges is almost RM2k, and
    summing nearly RM 40k, and more.

    DAP Bkt Bendera visited the victim who is unconcious for last six days, said that
    they only could provide moral support and not financial help. So when we
    interviewed the victim’s sister, she said that they really need financial help,
    since their father is odd job worker, and their mother is not working. The patient
    has Four siblings, eldest sister,married with two kid,second sister is working but
    her wage is just enough to support the family with basic needs,third is the
    patient, and another two younger sisters who are in form 5 and 4.

    We understood, the victim who is working as senior technician is the back bone for
    the family, supporting his two sisters who is still schooling. The form five
    sister, will stop tuition this month since no one in the family could pay RM 150
    tuition fee monthly. Since the family is from Alor Setar, we recomended;

    To refer to Jabatan Kebajikan in Kedah, to help the family in Alor Setar
    Passed Mr T Mohan’s number
    Asked them to contact Mr Karu from YSS
    Education wise for the both schooling sisters, mite pass the case to Putera Kedah

    We are now preparing the complete report, and will soon publish in Putera MIC
    website, MIC Youth website.

    The victim also needs Blood Group A+, but anyother group of blood also will do,
    because the hospital will exchange the blood with the blood bank. So far, 12
    people has donated blood but the patient still needs.

    Many thanks


    PUTERA MIC Bayan Baru


  2. I had gone through the same thing..even if we don’t know the related person and when we try to help and something happen before we could do something,it will be much heart ache…

    May his soul Rest In Peace..

  3. May his soul rest in peace. Hope the family can pull through this. The pain of losing a loved one is terrible but life has to go on. I pray that the god help them during this difficult moments.

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