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  • Why I dont blog politics anymore

    As far as i can remember, my last “politically inclined” blog was posted approximately 2 months ago and I wouldn’t consider that as one because that was all about my rants over my dissatisfaction over Malaysian political gimmicks.

    Even Mahatma Gandhi couldn’t do it

    I used to blog quite often about politics when i started my blog a year ago. The reason was, back then, there were many ideas and issues to be discussed and talk about like the Hindraf, namewee, oil price and general elections and so on. And i was back in Singapore then trying to cover some issues from there like Seelan Palay’s hunger strike and stuff like that.

    The other reason for me to get actively (so called) involved in political blog was with the hope that our people would change or thinking that the government will take our cries into consideration. But I didn’t have the time to think that how foolish I can be to have such lame and idiotic thoughts. Many sages, ideologist, good politician, socialist had came, stayed and vanished and yet nothing can be changed, just a mere blog would change the world? errm, a blog might change the world, but not the political world.

    Politic is seasonal

    Shall i correct my statement that politic are seasonal or political blogs are? I think i opt for the second idea. My targets are those Indian political bloggers, in a way, its good to see many Indians, to be accurate, Malaysian Indians started blogging after the Nov 25 rally. We might wanna thank those who covered the rally like Bmahendran, Raajarox and the man behind the scene whom helped for the live coverage, mr N, for somehow in a way, gave some indirect motivation and ideas to get their ass into blogging world whereby the blogging platform had became a place to share the updates about hindraf and condemn about the draconian law, posting all the anti-governmental stuff and bamboo-ing MIC’s head off with harsh words. I admit i did that, and i was enjoying doing that as it was FREE to register a blog and absolutely no charge to express your ideas or copy paste others idea and share with the rest.

    Besides blogging politic, i do visit other senior political bloggers and also the newly mushroomed blogs which is purely rebuking on the Malaysian government kind of stuff. In less than a month, i realised that the issues being discussed contain the same shit overall and i tend to get damn bored of it and planning to retire in blogging world.

    Old people said, if you started off with wrong step, you will never reach the destination, and that quote matched my attitude very much. I started to blog with full of grudge and anger towards the political world and started to find fault in everything that i see and hear about this country but i forget to live as an wise malaysian who can never change the fate of the nation by just blogging.

    I thought of doing something that would benefits the people but i feel everything is politically inclined, i.e. Hindraf’s member stood for the General Election and killed the hope in me that its no more going on as an NGO to do the cause, so i quit being a socialist or patriot!

    Nicheless blog

    When i thought i wanna shut down my blog and just keep my ass shut, I quit my then job and was too free to sitting and doing nothing. hence i started to write about everything and so called wanted to get serious in blogging world without proper set up.

    Well, till date, it’s still like that, my blog posting contains the mixtures and blends of all aspects from A-Z and still contains lil bit on the “P”, politics but i don’t write anything like others do but just post up some quickie about what i feel about the current issue.

    I just felt too tired of copying covering already available informations on other blog which i feel its so redundant and useless for me to share with people about the things that they might have read somewhere else earlier. I love what I am doing now. What am i doing? Read my blog lor…

    I am not RPK

    Well, the last thing i wanna say before i pen off key off, i don’t write my own ideology, so i quit writing politics. I hate people copy paste political info here and there and claim it to be their own idea and disable the right click option and say don’t steal, so i quit doing it. I do not study political science and i don’t even understand the real meaning of the constituency of Malaysia, so i hate to see myself to be a wannabe political blogger. I do not investigate nor have the evidence about the political dirts, so i feel i am too tiny compare to those political pro-blogger who knows in and out about the real politic world or i would say i don’t deserved to be compared with them as i know nuts about politics!!

    Disclaimer: I didnt mean to bang anyone with this post. If you felt so, i cant F.U.C.K.I.N.G help it. Who ate the nasi lemak, they get spiced. ( what a stupid quote) lolz
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    23 Responses to “Why I dont blog politics anymore”

    1. Novinthen says:

      pochi la.. Vicky going to open a new party or maybe multi-authored blog.. pochi da…


      awesome piece bro 🙂 . alot of stuf u wrote makes sense, and they way u wrote it , reminds me of Vivek jokes. Makes us laugh first, then make us think!… and lastly makes us slap our forehead and tell, Why didnt i think of that earlier!!!.

      Good piece. Keep it up!

    2. Novinthen says:

      lol. just saw our disclaimer. LOL!!!!..

    3. vickn3s says:

      i didn’t write it real life experience did it for me. thanks for the comment yea..

    4. Mahendran says:

      =) gud tat u found ur true calling. obviously we cant eat the food tat we dont enjoy, we cant watch the movie that we like, and we certainly cant love ppl who we dont.

      So now we have found that we cant wwrite what we cant as well 🙂 lol!

      Remember, no1 asked you to write politics, it was ur own intuition in the first place. So we (other bloger ;p ) also one day will quit from it when we are tired of it as well.

      eh..vick3y..i like this term , wannabe political blogger. o/~

    5. Mahendran says:

      anbudan vick3y, unggeee photo blog and the…er.. and Astro-customer service is faaar better 😀 heheheheeh!!! we still waiting for the 2nd episode 😛

      yenekke rombe pudikkem. mikkaa nandri akka..cheh anne!

    6. Madhavan says:

      to those who have retired from political blogging and don’t know what to do with rest of their life, get in touch with me.

      im senior to you, as in retired much earlier due to even more shitty experience with Malaysian political scene, and have diverted my full attention on sharing knowledge (non-political) and doing charity.

      i shall show you the light to continue your life. hahahaha.

      seems like another soldier got hit in the battle.

    7. Rubenee says:

      A good write up….I was too once bombarding gov,not to miss MIC too..but it was once upon time…politic drama never seems 2 end even if tamil dramas ends…huhu….

      Just too fed up with this politic stuffs till I stopped thinking of blogging about it anymore..As we have enough politic bloggers edy such as Mahen and Raaja…Politic = blending the same shit again n again n again…

      “Who ate the nasi lemak, they get spiced”. LOL…. My cousin asked is that a new peribahasa which she thinks that she missed to memorize it..YKS ithu…

    8. rujjcoomarh says:

      vicki…epidi larr inthe mathiri epidi??
      touching ah iruke mike hahaahah

    9. dr_nilam says:

      Umm.. at times it is easier to talk than to do the right thing. Every dog has to find their own bone! No one is going to feed us, and to feed ourselves, we will have to work. As the country is peaceful, and giving a atmosphere for the nation to stay fully secured, we should appreciate and work to reach our own set goals. But realisation is the first step to everything. I havent read yours blogs,but it may have change somebody’s view on something. Good or Bad , it will definitely lead us somewhere in this world to learn. 🙂

    10. satish says:


      *slap my face* 1st !!

      as novinthen bro said earlier ,why i didnt think this at first place.damn !

    11. vickn3s says:

      haha, mahendran, puriyuthu puriyuhtu…seri seri…but bro, i didn’t plea anyone to quit blogging politics rite..i was just telling why i dun do that anymore…u guys are the pioneers and definitely in a way are sifus to me, why would i be condemning you.

    12. vickn3s says:

      mr madhavan,
      whoaa, so braggy a u…can i have ur personal political blog add a?i never heard of it oso, dun get me wrong. i just wanna read about your political ideology.
      you wanna enlightened me?i don’t think its needed bro. i prefer to do what i want and not following other’s footsteps.
      cheers, thanks for the comment yea, and keep up with ur CHARITY work …god bless

    13. vickn3s says:

      rubenee, haha, as mahen said, we can only do what we have passion towards..i didn’t blog politics with passion but grudge. when the grudge don’t get a solution and i realized its just gonna go no where, i quit.
      haha, ur cousin is so cute…sry for misleading

    14. dr.G-totz says:

      I agree with ur thoughts…some just write up things they know without actually looking into the issue…to me, those who blogs abt politic mainly seeking the attention of other bloggers and get higher hit…in other word to b a popular blogger among the rest..tats all…They are not really putting into words of what their mind many of them are willing to say or agree tat they are really speaking the truth?? Many still hiding behind the pillar of truth… Many still under the blanket of fear….They just standing in between…

      **I’m not saying everyone are like that but many…only a handful speaks truthfully…

    15. vickn3s says:

      rujj, athu thaana oru flow le varuthu..
      dr nilam, i guess its the 1st time u dropping bye here..thanks a lot…thanks for the comment and i agree with what u had said.
      saranx, thanks jo
      dr-g, normal la..people dont always walk their talk, so was i, hence i quit!!

    16. DarkMachi says:

      dei madhavan. u senior blogger ah? u mental case ah? yenda ipadi okuringe. clown pepunde.

      Charity work seiraram tata birla perandi.

    17. Novinthen says:

      Quote of the Day – George S. Patton – “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

    18. Madhavan says:

      well, im very sorry my friend viknes. ever since my retirement, i have deleted the blog that contains my political postings. but if you still wish to know abt my political ideology, you may ask novin as he knows abt it well.

    19. Makkez says:

      Sekali sekala write an article banging some of those corrupted Indian girls lar bro… Konjum puniom kadeikom… =b

    20. vickn3s says:

      hahaha, makkez, athukuthaan neengalam durai irukingele. the sifu’s of tramp bangers…lolz…sure will do one day when i find a good topic to write about bro..

    21. Novinthen says:

      err.. Madhavan had political blog ah :-S… which one bro. u got sooo many blogs. i dono which blog is which..

    22. dark machi says:

      dei madhavan, don’t toss and twist lah.. show us your so called political BLOG and talk. don ask to refer other fellows. if cant do so, just lay off, b*tch!!! you think you are RPK who can change the nation a?get a life la, pear pund*k!!

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