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  • I’ve got a new partner!!!

    Hey hey hey, an announcement to make by the show-off king. I’ve got myself a new partner, well its not a sleeping partner…hmmm, its not a human being but it has life, so you can’t assume it as an inflatable doll, lolz…  I’m just too tired to write about it at the moment.

    Will update about her later. Till then, happy weekend and good nite at day to me, zzZZzzzZZZz!!!

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    24 Responses to “I’ve got a new partner!!!”

    1. Anonymous gal says:

      I know who is it…but i wont say until u say…**wink-wink**…hehehe…

    2. vickn3s says:

      hahah, yea yea…this is wat we call pothu vaangeraning @ put and take…hahaha

    3. satish says:

      yarathu yarathu yen sarakei thiriyadhuu..(chakra sonic rhyme)

      hahaha….congratz bro..intro me la 1 day..lolx

    4. vickn3s says:

      uchinavaa haamaa…lolz…..sure sure…when u free, i bring her along..

    5. vickn3s says:

      haha, no la bro, enuf of the pupps la…will update soon

    6. Anonymous gal says:


    7. Asha says:

      I think some cat you found when you were on your way back home.. that poor Cat would have been lying alone there..and you kidnaped it rite.. aiyo pavom.. evvalavo pannitinge.. ithe seiyamathigala?..

    8. shantini says:

      What are u up to these days? Not a partner then could it be a pet?

      My maltese dog is pregnant now, if you want i can sponsor one for your companion? hehehe

    9. vickn3s says:

      fuhh…very smart but its not animal lerr…

    10. vickn3s says:

      sponsor free a?ok thann…i love dogs…as a pet not as partner…as i said, its not a pet or animal oso..

    11. satish says:

      auuuu…papppi maaa,belevvv meee….

      who is that anni … ?photo ?

    12. Anonymous gal says:

      urmmmm….rombe yosike vakeringle….not human, not animal, but has a life….a plant? cactus?

    13. shantini says:

      aiyoh, my brain is cracking lah… can u pls tell what is that?

    14. shantini says:

      hahaha, could it be a new laptop or a mobile?

    15. Dr.G-totz says:

      i know what is it…shall i say it ?? 😛

    16. vickn3s says:

      ko nie sibuk ape la…hehehe

    17. vickn3s says:

      chill la chill la..jalan jalan….muahahaha

    18. vickn3s says:

      i actually blogged abt it but i didnt save it and my lappie batt gone and i got onio 1st 2 lines saved in draft..oh daddy daddy!!

    19. Sharm says:

      hehehe i knw too..can i say it pls pls pls..pity all this guys..:P
      anywayz hv u named her??

    20. Anonymous gal says:

      A new car? since you always address your car as “she”…..hehehe….

    21. ck says:

      En aasai mythiliye enoodu kathalaiye thanna tharanne thaa na ne ???

    22. vickn3s says:

      I wish i can change the car lorr..

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