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  • Missing in action

    Hi people, let me start with a very humble and sincere sorry from the deep of my heart for not updating my blog for more than 4 days.

    I was kinda tied up with my new job and training plus it was the merdeka ( independance) day weekend, so was even more busy with activities. Well, nothing much to boast about except for more and more photography opportunity for putrajaya fireworks¬†competition and not forgetting¬†kumar’s sister wedding reception.

    It was the 1st time i was taking a “once in a lifetime” kinda event so was a bit nervous with the crowd and the task. But to ease the burden, haha, i was not the main photographer but they hired a proffesional to get the most valuable shots that cant be missed. Anyway, it was a good experience to being involved in such photography event where i get to learn when i need to capture the most important moments. Most of the time i was doing some trial and error with the camera setting for the best picture quality and i duno how it turn out…i myself havent transfer to my lappie to check it out, if it turn out well, i will share it with you people, else i shall just drop the idea, haha, i dont wish to get bombarded by the profesional photographer to be the wannabe, lolz.

    The 10 wedding car parade/convoy, high fever, chics and more chics, sore throat, wrongly clean shaved moustache and beard ( damn, i think i look like a faggot, gross)….that’s how my weekend was like.

    Oh yea, before i forget, to all my dear muslim friends, its the 1st day of fasting in the month of ramadhan, so, here goes my heartiest wishes for all of you in fulfillig the fast till 1st syawal. Lets see moon together, hope it doesn’t rain (keeping fingers cross).

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    3 Responses to “Missing in action”

    1. VixStaRR says:


      i took your advice, i am back to blogging. link me yo!

    2. kumar says:

      faster post the pics laa…

    3. Sharm says:

      soo….where is the pics ???

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