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  • Rihanna’s Unfaithful in Tamil Version (Unnakena naan)

    Thanks to gopi for sharing the track with me via email. He asked me in the mail do the song sounds familiar? haha, yea, its Rihanna’s super hit song Unfaithful but dubbed with tamil lyrics. I was expecting the lyrics are similarly touching and narrates about the cheating girlfriends confession, but to my dissapoinment, its still the same shitty lovey dovey indianish running around the flower garden kinda lyrics.

    The female voice is something different and i have no idea is it a new singer or what. To kill my curiosity before I kill a pussy  cat, i googled and found that its a track by vijay anthony for the tamil movie called kadhalil vizhunthen ( fallen in love). WTF!!! dude, are you out of your mind? Just because you think that you don’t get sue for the copyright infringement, you just copy or plagiarise ( is that the correct word?) the whole damn tune and dubbed it into tamil version with ramya and your voice? Get a life man!!

    Vijay Anthony, a young and talented music director whom gave the indian music numerous hit songs from the movie sukran, dishyum, Naan avan Illai and the latest hit song Naaku Mukka from the movie kaathalil vizhunthen. Well, life is all about being a copycat! We are born, we learn to walk but we are not the 1st one to walk, so we did copy. We learn to talk, and we are not the 1st person to talk in this world, we sing, we dance, we screw with all kinda pose and style and just name the daily chores we does, you see, we are all the copy cats. But certain things i think we should apply some creativity into it, like when people walk, they walk in their own style, they talk in own manner, when they sing, they have their own way of voice control and we they fcuk they tend to get their own way other than the kama sutra style. Life is all about getting creativity and innovation in something we are specialised in, just like vijay anthony, you are talented and you have the tendency to give good music but wonder why you need to steal Mikkel Eriksen, Shaffer Smith and  Tor Erik Hermansen composition of unfaithful sung by Rihanna.

    Ramya might sing like Rihanna ( you may thought so), but she’s not rihanna. And don’t you think that Indians listen to English songs too and we are not dumb to get fooled your wonderful “composition”? Enough is enough, vijay, we dont need another Deva or Srikanth Deva. That family is doing good with their stealing (music and tune) business, let them rule the kingdom and please be original and then expect people to buy the original.

    By the way, I’m just sharing the track with you guys. for those who don’t understand tamil, you can still enjoy the music, because its just the same as the original. God bless.


    And here goes the sample of the original version

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    25 Responses to “Rihanna’s Unfaithful in Tamil Version (Unnakena naan)”

    1. stephenstreets says:

      Typical lar.. just like among other songs as well like …well you know lar.
      Its just that its either south india doesnt really listen to english music’s or they just want to try experiment western tune(and european classical) to tamil.Save money either way..

    2. Doris Shantini says:

      Daaaammmnnnnnnnn Stupido!!Wanna copy oso..dunla copy bulat2!!Didnt he go 2 skool or uni..where u learn 2 copy n edit giler2 2 make it look like u did it all by urself??FAIL LAAA…!!!

    3. satish says:

      do she really sound like rihanna ? im blurr !

    4. k3sh says:

      hehe only few of them ripped the music completely till to its too obvious to recognize..besides that, in Dhaam Dhoom the rap version sung by Lock Up is actually from a song by Reffugeez in Five Elements..the lyrics kinda like this ‘pohna teriyum vanthe puriyum makkeh sentul vanthe pahre..the exact beat ;p

    5. […]<&#8211; this was his latest entry at the time I’m typing this piece […]

    6. vickn3s says:

      well said, its more to cost cutting yea..just like AR rahman does, if its for a budget movie, the songs from hindi will be dubbed into tamil songs. the most recent one was from the movie sakkarakatti, i think there are two songs from hindi movie meenakshi.

    7. vickn3s says:

      hahha, u shud listen to more tamil songs and u will find it realy funny…

    8. vickn3s says:

      thanks for the info kesh. anyway, ive never heard abt 5 elements songs before…maybe if u have, can u mail to me?

    9. k3sh says:

      hehe mannin maithergal piracy hehe..

    10. Doris Shantini says:

      i knoww..i’ve heard quite a lot d..
      itz jst a shame laa..when it comez 2 music..indianz rawk in hw come sum ppl jst hv 2 take d easy way out..?

    11. ck says:

      Is the Music Directors lost of ideas ? Nowdays remix from Old tamil songs can be heard frequently rather than original composition..*SIGH*

    12. vickn3s says:

      yea, but i dun even know such group exist la bro,..adhui…

    13. vickn3s says:

      yea, ecspecially this local artist they learn sumthg called remix and all the tom dick and harry in local music scene is tryin to play around with the remix shit. i remember rujj wrote a nice article about remix here
      if wanna do, do sumthg like the remix in yaaradi nee mohini, that was awesome!

    14. vickn3s says:

      yea lor, wat to do, the stupid director and music director think its cool and original when the music director plays it to them…kampung director all like dat la…hahaha

    15. rujjcoomarh says:

      typical lar bro this ppl.. will copy nicely..
      harris jeyaraj, yuvan, deva the king of copycat,
      plus they copy the whole thing..

    16. vickn3s says:

      thirunthaathe jenmamz!!!

    17. Sharm says:

      I like the song…admit it, but also coz i love the original English version of it.
      I only have 1 thing to say…
      “Music’s creativity,orginality,and the soul of it,is gone by the wind ages doesn’t touch the heart like it use to…
      I’ve seen people having tears and smiles when they listen to a song,,but it doesn’t happen anymore..”

    18. nirai says:

      ths song s wonderful and amazing i love ths song very much it rocks

    19. sally says:

      i luv rihanna

    20. rampantheart says:

      Well, i was shocked too, when i first heard the song. Rihanna being a favorite, i wrote a post about this as well and guess what? Vijay Antony himself has commented on my blog saying he’s innocent. I am not sure though.
      Here’s his comment:

    21. vickn3s says:

      cheers..rampantheart, thanks for dropping by then..i had dropped comment for vijay anthony yea.

    22. vickn3s says:

      yeaaa, i love her too!!!

    23. KollyRahul says:


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