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  • Saroja, a must watch tamil movie!!

    I had a tough time recalling when was the last tamil movie that gave me the real meaning of entertainment, but i can tell you now, its Saroja!!

    I have this habit where i will start to check out my watch how long is the movie had been running on screen whenever i’m in cinema. But i totally forgot about that i have a watch when i was watching the fully fun filled thriller. I know i shouldnt review a thriller as fun but something like errr, bone chilling or suspence drama blah blah blah…but that’s the different in Saroja, it’s hard to explain by word and i would be better than venkat prabhu ( the director and the son of legendary music director cum singer gangai amaren) if i can narrate such fantastic story outline with my cock talk blog.

    I did blogged about the saroja soundtrack, and i did had kinda hope on that movie after watching chennai 60028 by the same creator, venkat, hoping that it will hit the silver screen and serves the audience real good quality movie. But i would say Saroja didnt meet my expectation but it had exceeded what i expected!! Infact, I didnt expect it to turn out to be soooooo excellent!! 2 thumbs and allow me to borrow my 2 toes to be thumb to raise it up for that fine stuff, Saroja. Sorry yuvan for underestimated your soundtrack and gave kinda low marks on my review here. It’s again, its tamil movie track, it will be a super hit if you watch it together with the song sequence. My bad yuvan!! And the back ground score were superb i would say. I love the BGM when the baddies drive in with the black jeep.

    Well, i am not good at writing movie synopsis so i’m gonna steal it some where and share the excerpt with you guys from here.

    Fun, frolic and mayhem were in abundance in Venkat Prabhu’s first directorial venture ‘Chennai 600028’. With his second film ‘Saroja’ the director dutifully follows the same pattern despite having the backdrop of a thriller featuring a kidnap, gun totting desperados and characters with malicious intent. 

    Even with a no-way-out situation that four friends get themselves into, and with the events unfolding in a real time sequential order, there is still scope for laughs. Premji Amaran’s good-for-nothing attitude in the film amalgamated with silly remarks, ‘Mirchi’ Siva’s ever so casual comic remarks, the intense demeanor of Sampath as a bad guy, Prakash Raj as the doting father of a kidnapped daughter, Vega as the kidnapped girl Saroja and Jayaram as the Assistant Commissioner of Police impress in their respective roles. One of the movie’s strengths is that all these characters are introduced quickly in such a way that audiences easily understand the roles played by them except when the twists in the film happen. 

    Major strengths for ‘Saroja’ are in the form of some breathtaking and spectacular background score from Yuvan Shankar Raja (probably one of his bests so far), slick editing from Praveen K. L and Srikanth N. B (they have a long way to go) and excellent cinematography by Sakthi Saravanan. 

    Four friends with diverse natures but similar interests decide to travel to Hyderabad from Chennai to watch a cricket match. A huge tanker lorry heads towards South India from the North and a vicious gang has kidnapped a rich girl and holds her for ransom. All these events are narrated sequentially with the backdrop of the Chaos Theory. 

    The tanker lorry capsizes creating a complete traffic jam that has the makings of an all night stand-still. Our protagonists stuck in traffic decide to get to Hyderabad through a short cut and eventually get lost. They end up in the den of the vicious gang who hold the daughter of the millionaire captive. 

    The capsizing of the tanker lorry and the vibrant adventurous nature of the young protagonists make all these three events that should have been isolated amalgamate with each other. The butterfly effect is at work here. 

    Ajay (Shiva), an actor in television serials, Ganesh Kumar (Premji Amaran) as a funny good-for-nothing who falls in love with every passing girl, Jagapathi Babu (SPB Charan) as the senior of the team, married and has a young daughter and Ram Babu (Vaibhav Reddy) as Jagapathi Babu’s brother fit into their roles with ease. Their interactions during all the events stay true with doses of humor never running out….no matter what situation they are in.

    The kidnappers headed by Sampath are in talks with the millionaire businessman for a huge sum of money. An Assistant Commissionaire of Police is on the case. Most of Sampath’s goons appear to be mechanical with their approach and are stiff all through, even in fight sequences. Sampath however is perfect for the role and his companion Kalyani, played by Nikitha oozes with glamour (probably the only reason she is part of the script).

    Vega seems to have understood her character (Saroja) in the film very well as she pulls it off with perfect ease. Prakash Raj has been at his usual best. 

    How this whole issue get sorted out forms the rest of the story.

    The movie is a neat entertainer for audiences who want fun in their dosage of cinema. However, audiences who love true-blood thrillers might be a touch disappointed as too much of comedy is part of the proceedings thereby bringing down the intensity a bit.

    ‘Saroja’ tickles the funny bone with tremendous technical brilliance and proves to be a roller coaster fun ride. Venkat Prabhu….one gets the feeling has come on the scene as a director to stay. His understanding of entertainment has all the potential to work wonders with Tamil Cinema audiences.


    watch the trailer

    ¼br /> It’s the 2nd movie for venkat prabhu but i would say he had done way better than other senior directors. He knows what the audience wants, he catches every timing well and slotted in the best dialogue for the scene. Even during serious and adrenaline rush, a small dialog with joke is blended to make us burst out laughing. And the director’s brother cum actor in Saroja, premgi amaren was rocking cool!!!
    After Chennai 60028, im sure all of us was kind of anticipating next of its kind of movie and I can bet my last dollar that saroja definitely done way better and created its own genre in tamil movie industry and guess what, its setting a new benchmark in tamil movie industry with its own kinda of cinematography and editing.
    Talking about the team of Saroja, I felt its like a family where everybody enjoy working to make it happen. while i was going through the “at the location of saroja” in youtube, I see no worries or stress in the faces of the actor and jollyness that they are having and to be in the team. I don’t personally know venkat prabhu, but to me, he is always a very jovial and “monkey notty” (kurange sehtai) kinda chap and he know what to do and when to do what to win the people’s heart
    In Saroja, the whole chennai cast will be slotted into the movie for a short scene and it was made somehow special which shows that the Kollywood actor and actress are also has the Kollywood family kinda feel where they are willing to just come in as guest appearance for few second.
    As i had mentioned earlier in my blog, I sucks big time in writting reviews so pardon me for it. Im always known as good in talking cock and spreading crap, so if, IF ever venkat or his team happens to read this blog ( ish ishhhh, too much la), i just wanna tell you guys something, i just cant wait for your next movie. I never anticipate any movies from any specific director except marudhanayagam, you made me crave for one, thanks for the good entertainment and showmanship. It’s a movie that i will definately go for the 2nd or even 3rd show and i can again bet my last dollar that it will definately run for more than 100 days!! Me and my friends just cant get the movies dialogues and the joke rid off our mind.

    I wil give 4.5 / 5

    Looking forward to hear more from team venkat, once again, sarojaaaa, saman nikalo!!!! (anyway, what does that mean a?)lolz

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    23 Responses to “Saroja, a must watch tamil movie!!”

    1. lavania says:

      amen to that

    2. novinthen says:

      Saroja saman nikalo is a dialog from MUDALVAN movie.

      Rememember Arjun will go check some house which belongs to poor people but rented by rich seth ?

      The seth will turn to his wife n tell Sarajo Saaman Nikalo… ( Sarojaa Pack the things or Saroja get out the things )

    3. k3sh says:

      Novin epidi unge nahle mahtem mudiyithe..

      Anyway I also want watch the movie..and I skip your review abt the movie..don’t want to spoil the suspense ;p

    4. Asha says:

      No.. eye was helpless… i was karnerd

    5. vickn3s says:

      thanks for the explanation bro…simply amazing la..

    6. vickn3s says:

      yea u shud watch it bro!!!

    7. vickn3s says:

      muahaha,now u are catching up with the exact word and pronunciation..lolz

    8. raaja says:

      i need to watch dis movie and Dhaam Dhoom…

    9. vickn3s says:

      bro, dont waste ur money on dhaam dhoom…it sucks big time…dun get fooled by the songs, the movie is piece of shit!!!

    10. rujjcoomarh says:

      i need to watch this movie for the 3rd time so i can review about it.. mine coming soon bro heheheh

    11. vickn3s says:

      yes bro, please write it..i love to read ur review….u are the review man la,..

    12. Novinthen says:

      Dhaam Dhoom sucks big time.

    13. vickn3s says:

      dude, why on earth u went for that junk la…told ya dun go…shud watch in pirated vcd ny la…

    14. Anonymous gal says:

      Alawei,i want to watch saroja…so far no one told me the movie is not nice…but im here in sabah….aduuuiii….nak tunggu lagi 3 bulan mau balik seremban…ceh!! how sad… 🙁

    15. Asha says:

      cant wait to watch saroja again… saroja… im coming again..

    16. Sharm says:

      i heard its a good movie too.furthermore prakash raj in the movie…i’ll defnitely watch 🙂

    17. Yajiv says:

      u got impressive website aswell haha.. its a co-incidence that i know sum1 that u knw..:)

    18. rujjcoomarh says:

      review sudah siap.. sila lah baca
      di blog saya… hehehe

    19. prasanna kumar says:

      hi this a nice comedy film

    20. lavania says:

      agreed with ur review without any argument.. 🙂

    21. vickn3s says:

      its a thriller comedy..lolz

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