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  • Happy 2009!!

    Hi all, here goes my best wishes for the new year of 2009. Let us welcome the year with full of joy and love ( yea i am sharing it from the office with my rojak buah)> May god bless all and dont run away from my blog, because if you do google stops paying me (as if im  earning well through that).

    Here I would like to share my to do list. I call it to-do not wish list because, its like a reminder for me to work on it. If i call it wish list, then it would be like im hoping it to happen without much effort put on it and wait for it to fall from sky. Well thats my personal point of view though.

    Since I will be stepping into my soon-to-be late 20’s, I MUST MUST MUST get my own house. So i had planned to get a house booked before my birthday.  Infact thats the biggest TO-DO for my year 2009. I dont give a dung about the recession, i am getting a house. Pray for me brother and sister. So if you guys wish to, you can keep remind me to get that done and if you have any contact to get good deal in real estate, hit me okay?

    Next is of course, my kanne, my passion!! I wanna get a couple of lens for her, maybe a Canon 70-200mm F2.8 L,an Ultra wide angle lens 10-20mm and a Tamron 17-50mm F2.8  ( and im definately getting it for myself as a new year gift this month). And if possible, not to be too greedy, maybe a Canon 5D Mark II as well.hehe

    1.      2.       3. 

    maybe this as well 

    On top of that, gears alone doesn’t make me a professional photographer, I will be taking up a 8-16 month course in graphic design and fundamental of photography. I hope this would help me more or less to pursue my dream to become a professional photographer and of course i do aware there are more to learn as the journey goes on.

    The 3rd one will be of course, better bank balance followed by a overseas vacation (destination yet to to be determine by the bank balance) with my kanne. Im sure she need to see different places and take them down and share with you guys as well rite. 

    I think I’m done with my To-Do’s as all of those are pretty expensive, so i dont wish to over pressure myself and get dissapointed in case if i cant achieve it. So keeping fingers crossed and promise to myself will work really hard  smart to achieve them. Good luck to myself.

    Thats all folk, happy new year.

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    13 Responses to “Happy 2009!!”

    1. rujjcoomarh says:

      Best of luck bro… you will sure get a house .. confidence ma confidence.. vallavanuku pullum ayutham…
      well gettin a dslr is also in my have-to-get list for 2009, lets see if i can make it!

      Hepi new yr..

    2. Gaya3 says:

      Wish u happy new year..may all ur “To-Do ” comes true… 🙂

    3. vickn3s says:

      thanks mate…dun wry, u will get a dslr soon!!! cheers

    4. vickn3s says:

      thanks dear.. really need that luck a lot

    5. k3sh says:

      Congrats congrats…
      And advance good luck in pursuing your dream 🙂

    6. geetha says:

      hey dun worry. u will achive wat ever u wrote up thr. keep on goin..n u will be successful!

    7. shantini says:

      Happy New year to you my little monster. May you achieve all your resolutions. Think positive, be happy and smile always, abundance luck will come your way.

      Buying a house, that’s a big and expensive new year resolution. Lolzz…. Anyway, which location are u looking at?

    8. Happy New Year and may your wishes come true buddie!

    9. vickn3s says:

      thanks a lot mike….need that luck a lot!!!cheers..happy new year!!

    10. vickn3s says:

      thanks alot yea!!

    11. vickn3s says:

      happy new year to u too dear!!thanks alot for the wishes!!

    12. vickn3s says:

      same to u bro!!looking forward for the upcoming projects!!!!hush hush huh??hehe

    13. […] its really heavy to carry around, but i love it!! A fast rewind back to my new year resolution posting, this is my 2nd successful aim that i achieved. Wish me luck i need a bigger room […]

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