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  • 1st Indian Traditional Wedding Shoot

    Sharing one of the shot that i took in Kathir and Kavitha’s wedding in semenyih. More to come, just got my monitor color calibrated, so still trying to figure out the best color contrast for the photos before developing them. Any good quality photolab for recomendation??

    Knot tied

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    7 Responses to “1st Indian Traditional Wedding Shoot”

    1. Vivek says:

      annathey, photoshoot matdumaa panninge?? lol

    2. vickn3s says:

      concentration on wrk bro..hehehe

    3. Steve says:

      Bro next time don’t forget to post photos with bride’s face too…haha

    4. vickn3s says:

      hahaha, got bro got…relax…still got more to come…

    5. Raaja says:

      Nice purple… 🙂

    6. Hanusha says:

      Only one photo ha

    7. sh@rm says:

      aaahh now i knw who to call to take my wedding shots :P..its FOC rite?? hahaha…nice picture…where’s the rest??

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