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  • You’ve got talent?

    Hi all,

    I’ve got an invitation on Facebook asking me to join this song writing competition and i just feel so proud that actually there are people over estimate my talent, haha.. Appreciate it and I feel no harm to share it with the rest.



    Win Fantastic Cash Prizes!

    1. BEST SONG Winner RM25,000
    2. BEST SONG Runner-up RM15,000
    3. BEST SONG 2nd Runner-up RM12,500
    4. Remaining 7 of the Top 10 Finalists RM5,000 eachDeepa Raaga is a unique songwriting contest open to song writers from around the world, with the ultimate aim of creating a collection of festive Tamil songs especially for Deepavali. It’s a groundbreaking event, that will create a new genre of music which will be made available to the public in time for this year’s Deepavali celebrations.

    Soon, we will be able to enjoy the meaningful festivities of Deepavali with these tunes, from the shopping malls of downtown KL, to the streets of Chennai!

    Contest Mechanics
    In the preliminary stage, the judges will select the best 30 entrants to progress to the semi-finals, which will be held at Chakravartty’s-Malaysia’s No.1 Indian Live Entertainment Club in Kuala Lumpur from 3 to 5 August 2009. The top 10 will then be selected for the Grand Finals on 6th September 2009.

    1. Stage 1 judging will be done by all 3 Judges separately, upon reviewing the entries (songs and lyrics) online. For this stage the judging is based only on song composition, ie quality of the melody plus the lyrics.

    2. For the Semi-finals and Final stages, the judging will also take into account, apart from song composition, also the strength of the vocal rendition by the live performance in delivering the song to listeners.

    3. For the Semi-Final and Grand Final stages also, the element of audience participation will be introduced, albeit, only accounting for a minimal percentage of the scoring. For the Semi-Final stage, the audience poll will be done using SMS poll based on sampling of snippets of the Top 30 songs, which will be posted online on the web portal. Meanwhile for the Final, the SMS poll will be done live during the final performances of the Top 10 finalists.

    Judging Criteria

    STAGE 1 (Open Pool) ;
    1. Lyrics 30% weightage
    2. Music Composition 30% weightage
    3. Vocal Rendition 30% weightage
    Total Score 90 points

    (Live Performances)
    1. Lyrics 30% weightage
    2. Music Composition 30% weightage
    3. Vocal Rendition 30% weightage
    4. Showmanship (attire/ stage presence)5% weightage
    5. Audience Poll (based on SMS poll) 5% weightage
    Total Score 100 points


    So guys, you know what to do if you win the competition k.hehehe…

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