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  • Archive: August, 2009

    Patrick, the rascal shitzu

    Saturday, August 1st, 2009

    It’s the 1st time i am actually posting a photo blog posting about a pet even though we have one shihtzu back at my parents place. I have numerous shots of hers but then didn’t actually get a chance to upload. well small intro about my shitzu, her name is pretty and trust me, she is not..haha..what a bad owner huh? If only mom knows that I’m condemning her lil “daughter” here, she will kill me. Ok i think enough intro about that pretty ugly, pretty, I wanna show off my buddy’s new family member, Mr Patrick (I wonder why he is not named handsome or macho like my dog got the weird name. Trust me, it wasn’t me. blame my sisters).

    Shooting patrick was never as easy as shooting my pretty, she is the real poser, i mean this people, i am serious, everyone gets suprised when they see her pose the moment she see me with my camera. Patrick was just too hyperactive and i only manage to get a few stills of him when he was resting after running up and down. That’s why you see his tongue is out in all the pictures.

    Now, im proudly presenting to you, Patrick the shitzu. hehe.

    Well, snapping pets are real challenging and its definitely tougher than shooting human being. But I love challenges in photography, that makes me grow. Cheers

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