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  • Studio portraiture- Hanusha,the classical dancer

    I was never keen of shooting portraiture using strobes (studio lighting set in layman term) till the day I did it for Hanusha. Brief intro about the model, Miss Hanusha Janendran. She is a blogger, me also blogger, her boyfriend raj kumar also a blogger so we know each other on blog-o-sphere some years back and one fine day I got a job offer in the same company where they are working and ever after that we go yam cha and mamam all together, so we got close. I know i know its a bad introduction, I’m sleepy, so bare with me. 😛

    To cut is short, she was preparing herself for her classical dance graduation which she’s learning since the age of 4. So for the graduation performance night, she need to prepare some booklets and banner and yea, of course its gonna be her photos in it.

    I was honored to shoot her and we decided to do the shoot in NeoStudio with strobes and the back drop which I felt its like so out of my league and I was lil nervous as it’s gonna be something important for her graduation night. She was good in her poses and expression so it made me  comfortable and confident shooting her and experimenting the artificial lights, it was fun though!!! We completed the shoot within an hour and I went back exhausted but excited.

    The booklet and the invitation card was designed by rames and it can be downloaded over here . To be honest, I never thought that it would turn out that well, hats off to the designer, rames! I think i’m sleepy now, that’s why writing too much and boring you guys, I better shut it and let the picture speak.


















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    10 Responses to “Studio portraiture- Hanusha,the classical dancer”

    1. Vivek says:

      The shots are good and I viewed the salutations as well. It was wonderful. Cheers cha!

    2. Vikna says:

      nce shots bro….great posing by Model Ms hanusha as well.. hehehe

    3. vicknes says:

      thanks machi….cheers..

    4. vicknes says:

      yea bro she is good…did u went for her arangetram?

    5. selians says:

      lovely shots and posing …good one bro !!!

    6. vicknes says:

      thanks to the model and the user friendly studio too bro..cheers

    7. induk7 says:

      Awesome shots…

    8. vicknes says:

      thank u thank u

    9. Rita Aziz says:

      Nice shot bro.. I love portrait #3. Love d composition n posed.

    10. vicknes says:

      hey rita, its good to hv u here..thanks for the comment and yea ur system was really user frenly for the 1st timer like me

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