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  • The Devarajoo’s

    On the 3rd day of diwali, I was hired to shoot a family outdoor portrait in kampar, perak. The journey was like forever because finding the route was never as easy as I thought. Welcomed by a gang of buffalo at the entrance of Kampung SMTD, Kampar reminded me of the tamil movie Anniyan (outsider)’s 1sts scene. Later we were told that one of the family member, aruna use to spend her childhood with them (buffaloes), play with them and talk to them. Wow, not bad huh..hehehe..

    It was a hot morning and there were kids and baby, so i found its a real challenge to do outdoor shoot as the kids might get cranky, so I managed to get it done very quickly with the kids and family portrait by a pond side and also another my personal fav location, a waste land which looks like a desert with some greens. And that was the place that was burning hot, I didnt have the heart to keep the kids baked under the sun, so just managed to get a few snap shots (i would say) and packed up and headed back to their backyard for a shoot.

    It was really fun to have the whole family get together for a shoot like this and they are such a lovely people especially the silent and always smiling uncle and the total opposite wife, the aunty..hehe…good to have u guys in my portfolio..

    and yea, if possible please watch in HD format.cheers!!

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    21 Responses to “The Devarajoo’s”

    1. Ambbi says:

      Good Job ya… WE appreciate it… and you will be called again soon for the anniyan movie location…

    2. Induk7 says:

      I love this shots and so lively.. Really captured the moment… Godd job da.

    3. induk7 says:

      Anniyan movie location??? Yenna aka ithu?? Yengge?

    4. Annabel says:

      How come I don’t see any pics ah 🙁

    5. ramaseh says:

      its also my home town.i also born at kampar,preak.
      although its a heaven,it not like our home.

    6. vicknes says:

      cuz its a youtube embedded slide show annabel..

    7. vicknes says:

      good to noe another kampar mari bro..cheers

    8. vicknes says:

      thanks ka,appreciate it!!

    9. Simon says:

      Hi Kanna….nice photos…..and great SMTD

    10. arvin raj says:

      very proud to see this….gud job….

    11. vicknes says:

      thanks mate…cheers..

    12. arvin raj says:

      hehex…so who is the anniyan here?……

    13. Ambbi says:

      Vaalga SMTD…..

    14. Ambbi says:

      Vaalga SMTD… Vaalga SMTD Makkals….

    15. Annbel says:

      Oic Vik didn’t know that heheheh. Ah finally can see, my office doesn’t allow us to view any youtube videos or slides even

    16. vicknes says:

      haha, dun wry i tot as much…nwdays most of the office dun allow that…i uploaded there for more hits and visitor else vimeo is better

    17. Ambbi says:

      Vaalga SMTD… Vaalga SMTD Makkals… and thankx to Vicky for shooting it….

    18. Ambbi says:

      Vicky… We made kampar romba famous lo…

    19. viji says:

      wow….. SUPERB 🙂

    20. K G Shaanticumar says:

      Thanks ka for sharing beautiful moments………..lovely & Amzing photos…..Wonderful family……….. God bless ………Hug hug….. 🙂

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