Baby portrait – Chandini

You have seen me bragging about my gears, wedding photos, engagement moments being capture and even pet photography. For a change, I’m uploading one of the baby portrait shoot that I had in JB last year. I didn’t had the time to upload it and while doing spring cleaning on my 1TB hard drive which is reaching its quota, i stumbled upon of baby chandini’s photos.

She’s a very jovial baby who can pose for camera and mind you she was not even one year old.

Picture 290

Picture 296

Picture 279

Picture 312

Picture 317

Picture 310

Picture 288

Picture 276

Picture 264

Capture your life with lights, vicknes
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7 Replies to “Baby portrait – Chandini”

  1. Lolz….she a natural when it comes 2 camera….I’ll place my bets that she’ll b heartbreaker in future…:)

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