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  • Happy new year!!





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    Wondering what the heck new year gotta do with my gadget bragging huh? hehe, well new year is just another day to me but i use it as a dateline to meet certain personal and career target. Forget about the car accident that i met 2 days before the new year, forget about all the dispute that i had through out the year. praying to lord that my camera bag and my wallet should swell and god bless all you  and thanks to all my wonderful client to made me better day by day, shoot by shoot.

    Happy new year to all again!!


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    4 Responses to “Happy new year!!”

    1. induk7 says:

      hahahahaha….. pity the 70-200… its ok next target seems huge investment. All the best to you. Happy New Year da…

    2. rujjcoomarh says:

      ahhhh what a start for new year yow..thanks for waking me up with the good news..happy for you man…kalakuvuma?

    3. vicknes says:

      thanks dato.. mestila…kili kilinu kilipom..when short movie?

    4. vicknes says:

      yea indeed…happy new year to u too!!

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