Dance Photography – Vision of Forever – Rehearsal

‘Vision of Forever’ is an Odissi production of the highest caliber exemplifying works of the late Odissi pioneer Guru-Deba Prasad Das. Artistic director Ramli Ibrahim is unapologetic in his forthcoming of the spiritual depth of the complex psyche of India.

I had documented the whole vision of forever dance show from the arrival of the dancers till the end of the show. hence the album will go by 3 sequels , arrival, getting ready and the main show and this is the 1st part of the series.

I know this is like reading an old newspaper for those who are my facebook friends. But I just thought of make some interesting noise over here with some colorful dance photographs as well on my blog besides wedding pictures.

The images are all rights reserved under Vicknes.Ideal.Photography Studio & Sutra Dance Theatre.

Special thanks to Master Ramli Ibrahim, Sutra Dance Theatre and the sutra dancers.

Capture your life with lights, vicknes