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  • Archive: December, 2013

    To Keep or Kill ?

    Saturday, December 21st, 2013

    Kill is rather a serious word, so the Englishmen  came up with a better sounding term- abortion. However it is still a taboo, a big taboo. Anybody who says it in a crowd and they instantly gets a stare back and they will be shot(verbally) by so call “humanitarians” with their moral and ethical views on how you SHOULD NOT even think about it.

    Only the laying hen knows its ass pain (direct translation from tamizh- “muttai vita kozhikkuthaan athan kundi vali teriyum”) . Only those who need to perform an abortion knows the pain of doing it, mentally and physically.  

    The common phrase that I get shot back when I say legalize abortion:

    1. You have no fucking rights to kill a life even if it’s your own child. (f*ck panna naalathaane child eh vanthichi)
    2. You have to go behind the bars for breaking the law!  ( oh yea, its totally legal to have premarital sex, i know!)
    3. Unborn is still a life too    ( un mairekkum thaan uyiru irukku, appo eppadi valaruthu da m*iru!)
    4. For you to support abortion, you should have been aborted by your parents! ( you might be right, Mr Suppose-To-Be-Flushed)
    5. Protection, you never heard about it? !!  ( That balloon rite? Yea yea, the ones you love to blow )


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