To Keep or Kill ?

Kill is rather a serious word, so the Englishmen  came up with a better sounding term- abortion. However it is still a taboo, a big taboo. Anybody who says it in a crowd and they instantly gets a stare back and they will be shot(verbally) by so call “humanitarians” with their moral and ethical views on how you SHOULD NOT even think about it.

Only the laying hen knows its ass pain (direct translation from tamizh- “muttai vita kozhikkuthaan athan kundi vali teriyum”) . Only those who need to perform an abortion knows the pain of doing it, mentally and physically.  

The common phrase that I get shot back when I say legalize abortion:

  1. You have no fucking rights to kill a life even if it’s your own child. (f*ck panna naalathaane child eh vanthichi)
  2. You have to go behind the bars for breaking the law!  ( oh yea, its totally legal to have premarital sex, i know!)
  3. Unborn is still a life too    ( un mairekkum thaan uyiru irukku, appo eppadi valaruthu da m*iru!)
  4. For you to support abortion, you should have been aborted by your parents! ( you might be right, Mr Suppose-To-Be-Flushed)
  5. Protection, you never heard about it? !!  ( That balloon rite? Yea yea, the ones you love to blow )

Sex is no more taboo, Gen-Y are way more active and pro in engaging premarital sexual intercourse. Blame it on the internet I say! Regardless how perfect the upbringing of the parent, if the kids are meant to lose it, they just do it. So stop blaming the parents every now and then. You have no clue how the kids are at home, how they seems to be totally opposite when they are under wrong influences.

The kids go out do shit, comes back home with swollen belly and kills the parent literally with heart ache. Now, what the society going to label us ? Gone lah, our relatives are going to boycott us for having such a kid at home. Look at the disgrace you have given us! All this thought will linger around the parents mind and will haunt them forever.

Ok stop judging.

I am not going to support abortion for the above mentioned scenario nor going to mock about it. That’s beyond my judgment.

Rape, rape and rape everywhere, every now and then! Some unfortunate ones get killed after the rape leaving the family in pain for the rest of the life. Some get raped and sadly be fertile enough to get pregnant at the first shot itself (all praise the god for those married couple whom are still trying for kids after many years of marriage!).

The rape victim have to carry the child and give birth to a b*stard (pardon my language) since abortion is a big NO NO.  *refer back to the common phrases above* read that again for me! And now the innocent kid should stay in this world and experience a life without father just because he was not suppose to be aborted.

Some not so fortunate but yet fortunate enough to live with the raped mother, have to go through numerous tortures in life. When they go to school, kids teases him/her for not knowing the father’s where about. During parents day, he/she will be absent because the mum might be struggling to move on with life or she might not be able to see the young kid feeling jealous of seeing the others kids have both mom and dad to be present at the day.

These are not all, when they grow up, they eventually fall in love, they trust the new found love, they express the pain of their birth to the beloved one. One fine day, the couples fight and the other party says:”  yea what more I can expect from a nasty birth! “. I let you to conclude what’s after that, okay .

Well we can make it more fairy tale like and let the couples to proceed till marriage. And now, the in laws will wonder, what surname is your spouse gonna have on the wedding invitation, you know it will be every hard for us to answer our relatives when they ask us, whose son or daughter is your child getting married to you know!

On the other hand, the totally not-so-fortunate child might just end up as a rogue or a whore since he/she been labeled and being “murdered” mentally for not knowing the father’s name! And again, the not-being-aborted child is the one carries the pain till the last breath!

Whose mistake was it? The rapist who raped his/her mother? Or the brave mother who decided to keep the child despite whatever the society has got to say? Or the lawmakers who made a NO-GO for abortions? Or the ALL MIGHTY  whom the religious people always claim and believe that HE always have a better plan for us? Oh f*ck you, what can be even better than this?

Technology is beyond what we can imagine now. Technology is almost god like where it does things that common man unable to do. It applies to medical science and technology as well where it will be able to detect diseases or syndromes before it gets worse.

It is mandatory to perform regular medical check-up during pregnancy to ensure the growth of the infant and also the mother’s health condition. But when they find the child is not so healthy, it is ILLEGAL to abort it!

Ultrasounds and some other technologies are there to know how your child is growing in your stomach. Doctors can even know the gender of the child, the heartbeat pattern and etc.

Few weeks back, I was watching a program on TV where they were showing how hard the poor family trying to raise a born disabled child and the intention of the program was to raise fund for the family to raise the kid. It was very heart wrenching and I was very touched to see the parents sacrifice in raising the kid, feeding the child liquid food using some kind of pipe through the nostril.

And when the interview went on with the mother, the furious in me pumped really hard and it triggered the cursing engine in me when the mother said: “ The doctor told us that the infant seems deformed and the head doesn’t look like how it suppose to look, I suggest you to go to the specialist to get further advice”. And the mother told the doctor :” It’s ok doctor, we are not well to do and I have faith that my child will be ok and I have the faith in our GOD that he will make the infant to be born as a healthy child” . It was a mind fuck situation for me, totally! The family was incapable for a further check up due to financial crisis, then why the f*ck are they raising fund to raise the child now? The specialist would have done something or given them a better advice and the innocent kid wouldn’t be suffering now. They could have begged then for a better life rather than asking for support now.

Did they ever thought about how the life of the child going to be after the death of the parents? Who is going to take care of the totally immobilize kid? Dumping them into the disable child home? So this is not sinful to let the kid to suffer till god knows when but it is sinful to abort the child when you know he/she is going to be abnormal like the rest of the people?

In this case, common sense VS religious sense? Screw the latter !


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