New Born Baby Portrait – Avinash Aiden

I know its been really a long while since I’ve updated my blog. Heartiest apology about that. 🙁

With this come back i would like to attach some slide show with the postings. Lets start with a new born portrait montage. Prince Avinash Aiden, is the 1st child of one of my earlier days wedding client- sunil and rebekah. Rebekah was a good friend of mine and also my ex colleague when we were attached with an MNC. We lost contact and met back when the couples were interested in assigning me as their wedding photographer.

Vicknes.Ideal.Photography Studio present to you, new born baby portrait of prince avinash aiden s/o sunil kumar.

Prince Avinash Aiden from Vicknes.Ideal.Photography Studio on Vimeo.

Unseeing the seen by Karthik Vengkatraman

Dear All,
‘Unseeing the Seen’ is a phtoography workshop by Karthik Venkatraman after the success of the first one held in KL in February. This workshop is will be held 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th May 2010 (8am to 11am) at Sutra Gallery, Titiwangsa. Attached in this mail is an e-blast with more information about the workshop. Should you require further information, please feel free to ask me. Thank you!
eblast for sutra final

For more information, please contact:

Miss Revathi 013-3412416

Capture your life with lights, vicknes

I am a copy cat

I am born copy cat. When i was a baby, i was spoon fed; well I was not the 1st person who knows how to eat. When I can stand, mum taught me to walk, and yea, I was not the 1st person who knows how to walk and then run like any other man kind. Later I was taught to speak, read, write and sing (which i suck at it) and all others things just like you. So do you admit that you are a copycat?? I do!!

Why this topic, you may ask? Did some one say I am a copy cat? Well if anyone said that, I will proudly say yes but I will tell them at least i am admitting that I’m one but not living in denial and claiming myself that I am the 1st to do this and I am the best and I always invent something by myself which is totally BULLSH*T!!!! This write up is to share my opinion as a new comer in photography industry, as a “junior” photographer as the “seniors” address us, and as a “copy cat” who the “BAST-the 1st Egyptian cat god” claims.

Some years back, I use to snap my family function using my uncle’s film camera and I was the junior photographer of the family and yea my aunty and uncle was the one who taught me how to snap like them, so I copied their style which is placing the subject right in the middle of the frame and make sure there is some space in between the head and the foot. ROFL 😛

Later, I got my 1st point and shoot and quench out every bit of the juice of the camera that I can get but I still find the something is not there in the photos. I cant find the something like other photographers work. See, again I try to copy cat by comparing with other photos. So I thought maybe the camera has limitation and that’s the reason its different output.

Hence, there goes my 1st DLSR, a Canon 400D and I was overjoyed and thinking that, yeay, I’m gonna make the pictures that have that something that I cant get in my point and shoot camera. And I started to shoot and shoot and shooooooot but yet the output, hmmm, not so the something. So I went online, look for other photographers work and compare what is wrong, and I couldn’t find the error. With frustration, I planned to read up more online, e-books even though I hate reading but this passion got me going and reach out all the possible resource to get that something in my photos.

Eureka, I thought I found out what is that something. Its called bokeh (, in layman term, it’s the background blur effect. So now I know what to do, and again I started to shoot shoot and shooooooooooooot but still the something is not really there..more and more shoots, more research, more discussion and all this are done by referring to others or  “copying” others info or idea.

And till today, I am still finding for the something which I doubt I will ever find what that is because that something is something which is different from each photographer. To get that something, we have to use the same thing (method) but with different approach. Then I realize, that everything that I do including making or taking or snapping picture is also an activity of copycat, BUT, the main thing is how we improvise from that and make it looks more original instead of stealing others idea wholly.

Now i believe i am making the something kinda pic myself and stop comparing with other some kind of photographer

Merry X’mas and happy new year.

Happy Copycatting and don’t give 2 dung about others says cause he who calls you a copycat, he is actually speaking to the mirror!!!


Why Facebook shoutout is so cool?

What is facebook? MPH selling it? Gosh, you feel like slapping the person who ask you such question right. I mean who don’t know what facebook is especially people age range from 13-40 (i know some 60’s young heart who has a facebook account). Well, I ain’t no facebook brand ambassador, so i dont wish to further elaborate on the statistic and so on.

*note FB=Facebook

I assume all my readers here do know what facebook is, i hope, so i shall proceed to use all the facebook terms in this posting. 1st thing 1st, we shall start from the “what’s in your mind” a.k.a shout out a.k.a what-ever-u-like-it-to-be. I share some personal experience here infact most of the blog post are written base on experience (mind you, most, not all)…. Continue reading “Why Facebook shoutout is so cool?”

Is future is gonna be like this?

Many had asked me what happen to you vick? Why aren’t you blog anymore? I dont see any write ups from you for very long. are you quitting? closing down got married? busy with chics? And all kinda assumptions and questions.

Folks, I have my answers here.
#1. Same lame excuse – No time
That’s the SOP for all the lazy bloggers who dont update their blog posting regularly. But I’ve been really tied down with my full time job and my full time passion, photography. Since I’m pretty new with photoshop and you name all the design related jargons, I’m spending my 4 days off every week staying home and skipping meals hoping to learn the essential skills as fast as possible. Practically, the post processing job for my photography takes longer period of time compared to the real shooting hours. I think its normal but i feel since im pretty novice in this field, I have to spend more time taking things into next level seriously.

#2 Why the main page is ever under construction?
Like what?construction page a? yea peepz, i know its been more than a month i got my linux hosting but still (relate to reason number #1) the suppose to be up converted from blog to website is still pending. Actually, I’m not really well verse with web development or coding. And my guru or sifu who will get calls during odd hours are novin, raaja and murali to answer my silly questions regarding FTP, WP theme alignment and other issues. Since I had an engagement shot and wedding shot back to back, hence i think i have a valid reason for not bringing the site up yet. Besides that, I am also having tough time to sort out the layout of the site even though I was referred to many sites and some freebies that can be used like photo slide show kinda plugins. So people, about the website, please bare with me some moments yea.

#3 Last answer but not the least

NO, is NOT gonna be like this for long. I give you a hint, you are about to see a site which gonan contain blog, photography galleries built up with the momentous shots from all the occasion that I were hired as the professional photographer and some other minor changes. I’m in the midst of getting everything done legally, once its completed, you may not need to see the image as above. Cheers

Government sponsored Hairstyling courses with monthly incentives

Hairstyling courses under the Human Resources Ministry’s
Train-and-Place programme

A hair academy has offered places for Indians to pursue fully-funded
hairstyling courses under the Human Resources Ministry’s
Train-and-Place programme.

The course is initiated by Persatuan Pengusaha Jurugaya Rambut India
Malaysia (PPJ-RIM) and Akademi Antarabangsa Clipso (AAC).

AAC director V. Logonathan said that Indians should seize the
opportunity to learn a trade and start their own business.

The course to be conducted at AAC’s premises in Petaling Jaya Old Town
is opened to all Malaysian Indians with SPM qualification aged 17 and
above. Only 350 places are available.

“Response has been good. We have 100 applicants and 80 of them have
started their training,” Logonathan said.

Registration is opened until May 15. Trainees would be given an
incentive of RM500 per month and free accommodation.

Classes will be held five days a week and graduates will receive the
Malaysia Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 1 and 2 and AAC’s Diploma in
Art and Science of Hairstyling.

Application forms can be downloaded from the ministry’s website at or For more information call the AAC at 03-7783 3333

p/s: info taken from United Malaysian Indian groups. will be running on test phase for some time

hi people, sorry for the inconvenience caused. I just did a server migration plus hosting transfer. I had lost all my previous data except for the blog postings.
Mean while, I’m trying to get some face lift done here. So, please hang in there. I promise for more stuff coming real soon, so watch out this space. Cheers.

Government (sponsored)scheme Graphic Design course

Hi guys, are u interested in graphic design and photography course? Have you ever thought of being a Adobe certifite professional? But you think its too expensive or no time to study for it. Well here is a tailor made program for you where u get paid a monthly allowances for 24 months (but u study 4 months only) and the classes in only on sundays. Please read below and buzz me for more info if its unclear. do it quick, closing date in 2 weeks time.
Amateur-on-the-job graphic design course
Duration: 4 mths
Course contents:
Adobe illustrator
Adobe photoshop
Design principles
Color science
Photography foundation

Course schedule: every sunday 10-5pm
Commencement date :28 april
Location: Innovation training solution, Block A, No. 8A-2-7, Jalan PJU 1A/20A, Dataran Ara Damansara, PJ 47301 Selangor
Ceritification: Diploma
Completion of practical examination: JPK SKM Level III
Other exams: Adobe Professional ceritificate (exam fees require to pay)

fees break down:
Registration: RM250
Fees: own laptop : rm3500
college computer : 4500

*payment can be arranged to be made in 4 installments

Application for government allowance
application form
3 copies of passport size photos
1 copy of photostat IC front and back
bank acct number
application approval takes 3 to 4 mths
college will report student attendance to government directly
allowance will directly banked in to students acct
allowance details:
Rm 300/mth x 24 months = Rm7200
after deducting the fees, students still can get rm3700

for more info: please contact me at

Check out !!!

Hi peepz out there, there’s a new forum in town. They have pretty interesting discussions covering most of the IN-Thing right now.  It’s MAMAK CORNER

Topics covered are like :

  • Gossip corner
  • law issues
  • Food& beverage
  • Entertainment from bollywood to chinesewood to malaywood, music and also photography.
  • Love and relationship corner
  • IT world covering tech support, gadgets, programming world  tech news etc
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Sports and Automobile
  • Jobs and religion
  • Buy and sell corner ETC ETC ETC..

Guys, why don’t you drop by there and cheer up the forum. I feel by sharing info, we gain more info. Sharing is Caring!! Please click on the banner @ image to be redirected to the forum.

p/s: Topic Bold and Red are the one falls under my moderation..hehehe..i know i know, you must be cursing me for being show off, but who cares, you guys know me..hehe