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    Baby portrait – Chandini

    Saturday, January 9th, 2010

    You have seen me bragging about my gears, wedding photos, engagement moments being capture and even pet photography. For a change, I’m uploading one of the baby portrait shoot that I had in JB last year. I didn’t had the time to upload it and while doing spring cleaning on my 1TB hard drive which is reaching its quota, i stumbled upon of baby chandini’s photos.

    She’s a very jovial baby who can pose for camera and mind you she was not even one year old.

    Picture 290

    Picture 296

    Picture 279

    Picture 312

    Picture 317

    Picture 310

    Picture 288

    Picture 276

    Picture 264

    Capture your life with lights, vicknes

    Happy new year!!

    Friday, January 1st, 2010





    Sample shots





    Wondering what the heck new year gotta do with my gadget bragging huh? hehe, well new year is just another day to me but i use it as a dateline to meet certain personal and career target. Forget about the car accident that i met 2 days before the new year, forget about all the dispute that i had through out the year. praying to lord that my camera bag and my wallet should swell and god bless all you  and thanks to all my wonderful client to made me better day by day, shoot by shoot.

    Happy new year to all again!!


    Studio portraiture- Hanusha,the classical dancer

    Friday, December 18th, 2009

    I was never keen of shooting portraiture using strobes (studio lighting set in layman term) till the day I did it for Hanusha. Brief intro about the model, Miss Hanusha Janendran. She is a blogger, me also blogger, her boyfriend raj kumar also a blogger so we know each other on blog-o-sphere some years back and one fine day I got a job offer in the same company where they are working and ever after that we go yam cha and mamam all together, so we got close. I know i know its a bad introduction, I’m sleepy, so bare with me. 😛

    To cut is short, she was preparing herself for her classical dance graduation which she’s learning since the age of 4. So for the graduation performance night, she need to prepare some booklets and banner and yea, of course its gonna be her photos in it.

    I was honored to shoot her and we decided to do the shoot in NeoStudio with strobes and the back drop which I felt its like so out of my league and I was lil nervous as it’s gonna be something important for her graduation night. She was good in her poses and expression so it made me  comfortable and confident shooting her and experimenting the artificial lights, it was fun though!!! We completed the shoot within an hour and I went back exhausted but excited.

    The booklet and the invitation card was designed by rames and it can be downloaded over here . To be honest, I never thought that it would turn out that well, hats off to the designer, rames! I think i’m sleepy now, that’s why writing too much and boring you guys, I better shut it and let the picture speak.


















    The Devarajoo’s

    Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

    On the 3rd day of diwali, I was hired to shoot a family outdoor portrait in kampar, perak. The journey was like forever because finding the route was never as easy as I thought. Welcomed by a gang of buffalo at the entrance of Kampung SMTD, Kampar reminded me of the tamil movie Anniyan (outsider)’s 1sts scene. Later we were told that one of the family member, aruna use to spend her childhood with them (buffaloes), play with them and talk to them. Wow, not bad huh..hehehe..

    It was a hot morning and there were kids and baby, so i found its a real challenge to do outdoor shoot as the kids might get cranky, so I managed to get it done very quickly with the kids and family portrait by a pond side and also another my personal fav location, a waste land which looks like a desert with some greens. And that was the place that was burning hot, I didnt have the heart to keep the kids baked under the sun, so just managed to get a few snap shots (i would say) and packed up and headed back to their backyard for a shoot.

    It was really fun to have the whole family get together for a shoot like this and they are such a lovely people especially the silent and always smiling uncle and the total opposite wife, the aunty..hehe…good to have u guys in my portfolio..

    and yea, if possible please watch in HD format.cheers!!

    You have seen the still, now you see the motion

    Sunday, November 29th, 2009

    Hi all, just done with pradeepan and yuktha’s wedding and dinner shoot yesterday, one more dinner to go and the couples had left for their honeymoon to one of the beautiful island. I wonder have they watch it, but i’m sharing the slide show presentation with you guys hehe. cheers.

    Vintage love story@ melaka

    Monday, November 9th, 2009

    I don’t wish to write much here. I hope my picture speaks on behalf of me. And my best wishes for the couples pradeeban and yuktha for their upcoming wedding preparation. I shall see you guys on the wedding , dinner and another dinner. Not shall but will ..haha..cheers













    multiple copy




    Siva manasukul Buvana, Engagement in Sitiawan

    Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

    Last month during the raya holiday, I was hired for a engagement shoot in sitiawan. As you all would have observed, I don’t share much event coverage photos over here due to timing constraints and always opt for facebook upload because its fast and its has got more audience over there. But the downside is, the quality of the picture that appear in facebook sucks big time and i personally think that its not so a good idea to rely fully on that media.

    Hence I decided to slowly move over to my own site. Thanks for the visit and feel free to drop a comment.

    _MG_5017 copy


























    p/s: thanks to rujjcoomarh for the assist.cheers mate

    Patrick, the rascal shitzu

    Saturday, August 1st, 2009

    It’s the 1st time i am actually posting a photo blog posting about a pet even though we have one shihtzu back at my parents place. I have numerous shots of hers but then didn’t actually get a chance to upload. well small intro about my shitzu, her name is pretty and trust me, she is not..haha..what a bad owner huh? If only mom knows that I’m condemning her lil “daughter” here, she will kill me. Ok i think enough intro about that pretty ugly, pretty, I wanna show off my buddy’s new family member, Mr Patrick (I wonder why he is not named handsome or macho like my dog got the weird name. Trust me, it wasn’t me. blame my sisters).

    Shooting patrick was never as easy as shooting my pretty, she is the real poser, i mean this people, i am serious, everyone gets suprised when they see her pose the moment she see me with my camera. Patrick was just too hyperactive and i only manage to get a few stills of him when he was resting after running up and down. That’s why you see his tongue is out in all the pictures.

    Now, im proudly presenting to you, Patrick the shitzu. hehe.

    Well, snapping pets are real challenging and its definitely tougher than shooting human being. But I love challenges in photography, that makes me grow. Cheers

    Longest Lasting Orgasm of the year!!

    Saturday, July 25th, 2009

    I know the title sounds naughty/kinky, but I can bet the feeling was even greater than that when I got what I was craving and dying to get for past few months. I don’t wish to blog much as I had finish reading the manual, now i am about to explore it, baby!!

    But one thing that i had learn is, the positive attitude and the burning passion will drive you to achieve quicker than you expect. I know I might sounds showing off or cocky, but I’m just over excited, so pardon me for the c*ck talk, all right? The achieving feeling is the one makes me talk like this. It might not be some big time achievement for most of you, but it’s me the one and people whom are close to me know how much it meant to me and what kind of effort I actually put into make it happen.

    Yea friends, lets welcome my new born baby in the kanne family!! (more…)

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