I’m late again!!!

Can you please let me go to work early atleast for one day…it has been more than 2 weeks i never “smelled” the 8.30am breeze in singapore u noe…i really cant bear the sight of my supervisor’s cock stare whenever i walk in to the office…Always wish to be invisible whenever walk in when im late to work…well, if i get up late, that’s not fault bt mine bcuz its my ass cholestrol (soothu koluppu) but i always have multiple alarms and wake up calls to bug me off my bed early and get on road to work…
BUT U ……why why whyyyyy…i leave home 1 hour earlier yet i get screwed, i leave 1.5 hours earlier oso i get screwed…tell me what time shall i leave my home?i oso human rite, no need to sleep a?reach home after work around 8pm, bathe, pray and dinner…by time i come back home it will be approximately 11pm…straight away grab my pillow and doze off, wake up at 6am, bathe, pray, fuel up the bike and hit the road abt 6.45am, yet late!!!!DAMN IT….i HATE U damn Custom Checkpoints, both woodlands and Tuas, u are such a *&^%%$*…cant find a perfect word to swear la…
Tuas which is the 2nd link to singapore was fine except it’s 20km longer journey compared to woodlands’ distance to my office, other than that, the volume of bikes entering singapore through this checkpoint was tolerable but thats just a WAS…sum stupid changes in shift for the shipyard workers had made the 2nd link flooded like the other checkpoint as well…
im really getting out of mind thinking of a better solution to get over the damn custom in a faster way..hw?swim a?bullshit rite…if wanna stay in spore itself, d damn GST hike had made the room rental hiked as well…can u imagine renting a common room in a HDB FLAT will cost about $400-700 sgd??try to convert to MYR and see and will rather work in malaysia..i came to earn man, not to live a luxurious life, that’s what i tell my colleague when they see us suffering in jam and bad weather days..but deep heart, we feel suffocated…wat to do, be a man and endure till next week, hopefully 2mr will be a sunny day…

check out my photo story today….haizzz….

1. Crazy frogs getting ready to ride…
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3.U noe thaipusam, but do u noe singapusam??

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4. Another clearer view of the “crowd”
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So that’s my life over here in jb-singapore-jb routine…cant wait to get into shift, 15 days work per month…cool huh…lesser tensed up days, lower BP, lesser expenditures but more days to sleeeepppp….hooray…

Le Tour de tEmpLe @ kOviL serie I

Last saturday suppose to be an outing day to singapore since its just half an hour bike ride…yea, u might think so what’s the big deal since im goin to work everyday to sgpore but still dont feel tired of it huh?yea i do, infact i didnt want to go.but since i came here, i never visited any places in singapore…so we decided to visit Orchard road (which we never visit till the end), Little india and some other places… we parked our bike near the little india MRT station and walked along the race course road and serangoon road….i could see so many indian shops and india citizens along the street, ah crap, name itself tell what is the place like and why m i “jakuning” for? as i walk and walk,taadaa guess wat, i saw the famous kaliamman temple in serangoon road..as a temple freak, i managed to take down as many shots as i could and here i’m sharing it with u guys…enjoy

Its the temple sign board as u can see
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Thats the main gopuram of the temple
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Wooden carved main entranced door
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The pure silver flag pole (kodi kambam)
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Main shrine (moohla stahnam) silver covered entrance
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main cast of the temple: sri veeramakaliamman
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the cosmic dancer, lord shiva
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shiva again…
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lord bramma
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as far as i concern and according to the story of lord vishnu (dasa avataram), there wouldnt be any temple to be built or any deities should be worship as he had offended the rules of the god, its the 1st time i’m seeing his statue…maybe im outdated but i was really excited..

periyaachi or pehchayee amman
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Maa durga
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its actually a big statue, i couldnt get the full size because the gate was close and i dont wanna spoil the picture by having her lookin as though AMMA is behind the bars.

jai hanuman in pure gold
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parama sashta, (may i noe who is he?)
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the ceiling art, really fine
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if u would like to visit the temple, refer to this
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Its just the part one of the temple tour..lots more coming up next…

Le tOur dE tEmpLE serie II ..Sri Krishna Temple (Bling Bling Temple)

…continuation frm the kaaliamman temple accidental tour……

Cloud was getting darker bt my friend insist to go to orchard road to ogle (cuci mata) @ check out the chics…since we are total strangers to orchard road so we started to ask around for the directions…but i told my friend to bare one thing in mind, Orchard road is a place which has full of “landmine” a.k.a ERP (electronic road pricing) systems…ERP= my biggest fear, once u passthrough it without I/U unit and that’s it, prepare $80 at your exit…somehow manage to escape all the ERP’s and parked our bike sumwhere i assumed its orchard road…haahahaa…
Here we go, i “discovered”another temple here, it looks simple from out and its krishna temple…frankly speaking, i’m not a fond devotee of lord vishnu or krishna but i do pay respect to HIM as a HINDU…and as i mention b4, i’m a temple freak, so i don’t care what temple is that, i just wash my legs and walk in….My OOOh My, i cant believe my eyes, the temple is so damn gorgeous but too bad i was not allowed to snap pictures inside the temple (told by the so called guarding of the temple)….
As i stepped into the temple with my right leg front, i could smell a very strong incense stick scent which almost hypnotised me…funny me, i nvr look at the lord krishna at the main shrine but busy looking around the marble wall and fantastic sculptures in the temple….then i realised some one is standing infront of me holding the thiruneer (holy water) and giving one kinda stare.,..oppss, its the priest, hehehe..he must be thinking, what’s wrong with this chap, paagal ho kya?hehehe..
I’m so tempted to get my digicam out and snap the beauty of the temple but RULES are very important in kiasupore i mean singapore….a big no no to singapore lock-up…as i started to walk around the temple, my horn got out and my camera is out as well, i manage to take a few shot and the damn 1st shot was taken without turning off the flash….oh god, i got a shock of my life thinking that, yea vicky, its the punishment for violating the rules in HIS temple…but thank to HIM, no one realise it as i snapped it at the back portion of the temple…
I can say almost all the statues, the deities ornaments and the gopurams in the temple are made in gold, silver and diamonds….hmmm, lord vengky, lucky u paa…hehehe…i was told before that the ISKCON temple in bangalore can be considered as one of the wonder in the world cuz of the money that pumped in for the structure and the sculptures and not forgetting the jewelleries for the god statues, but i couldnt picturize how grand it would be till i saw what they’ve got in this temple…
check out the limited pictures….next mission is to get a pinhole size camera to snap every single view of this kinda restricted temples…..

The history of the temple
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Front view of the temple
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Main entrance
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Main shrine (bling bling)hehe
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narashimha (one of the dasa avataaram)
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Marble wall art
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those two pic above is the one i took risk from getting busted and snapped….very precious noe…dun play play a…hahahahaa

Maha vishnu
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Side view of the temple with the mandapam (hall)
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Ahemm, poser wannabe dei…hehe…
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and that’s another temple tour of mine ended…gone back home getting wet in rain, but who cares, i’m satisfied…

komaatha enggal kula maatha

I was watching tv3 news yesterday and i got really pissed off when i heard a news regarding lack of beef supply in malaysia…yea, that’s the major issue that our country is going through instead rite…we have more crimes increasing in south and government had sent 400 police and FRU’s to birng down the stats..yea, we’l see that..there are more and more important issues are to be concerned such as revathi’s child custody issue, temple dempolishing in melaka, MCA appeals for the chinese students whom cant get into public Universities and so on…but u must see the minister’s expression and the way he talked about the shortage of the beef as though he will be died of starving..come on people, u still can eat chicken and seafoods as alternative, it never harms right?if you still dont prefer that, maybe u can get the organic beef meet which is available in all vegetarian stores which tase exactly like the beef….gimme a break peepz…its nt a big issue to be discussed and according to the government, they gonna set up a discussion forum to outcome the issue.such a big issue huh….

Another rainy day

Oh god, wonder when u gonna stop punishing me like dis..another rainy day in singapore…yea, i admit dat i got a rain coat and i did challenged u (unintentionally) to rain bt you dunid to be like this rite?dont wanna friend you d la…aiyo aiyo, no no i take back my word, u are my best friend, GOD, pls dun leave me…

And my next best friend is *Qimonda’s giant aircond exhaust fan at the basement, it dries me off quite fast..without it, i would be shivering in my office under the damn uncontrollable centralised aircond..another worst case scenario abt “kiasuism” in sgpore is they really afraid of breaking the rules and laws (bcuz ppl very obedient to it, so i must b more kiasu and b mOOOOre obedient)..reason me sayin it is because, if i request to make the temparature warmer, i need to log a case and the resolution time will be base on the SLA (service level agreement, bet our call center buddy would noe what the heck is that)..can u imagine that u will be actually freezing off under the AC and u need 3 working days to get it done for maximising the temperature…and u cant raise as a TOP priority case since its a single user affected issue…aandava, no limit for this people’s kiasu level a?and if i died of frozebite, they would clear off my dead body according to SLA oso i guess….Fcuk those rules, man….this is wat i hate in sgpore….errr well, if its being chincai like malaysia, the it’s currency wouldnt be Rm2.25 for SGD 1 and wont be so advance and systematic…salute lion city!!
*my working company

Prostitution vs Masturbation

Schoolboys hungry for sex

20 july- SCHOOLBOYS are willing to
go hungry so that they can spend their money on illicit sex, Harian Metro
Some were even willing to share their pocket money to
fulfil their basic instinct, the tabloid said in its exposé.
mother gives me RM4 every day for my school money and I skip my meals to save
the money.
“At the end of the month, my friends and I pool our money
to visit prostitutes,” said a 15-year-old boy who introduced himself as Ahmad
The paper learnt that the students would visit brothels in
the day, when the rate is cheaper.
Ahmad, interviewed by the daily in
Kuala Lumpur, said he had been going to these places for a year after being
persuaded by an older friend.
Initially, the elder youth, in his 20s,
took him to Lorong Haji Taib “to just mencuci mata (ogle)” at the women
soliciting there.
“A man who confided that he was a pimp offered to
get me a woman for RM50,” Ahmad said, adding that the experience was an
eye-opener for teens craving to try something new.
Another friend of
his, however, had a painful encounter when a man, who claimed he was the
boyfriend of the woman the boy had booked, beat him up.

Hats off to those boys….at the age of 15 i was still wondering what is the real sexual intercourse mean but these boys already experienced it..maybe they can be my guru in this matter…why is this occuring?lack of sexual education or sexual education wasnt taught in proper manner and raised the boys curiousity to try out..
15 year old boys should be studyin in 3rd form in secondary school and this is the year where students will be taught about human reproductive system and this might have awaken the boy’s sexual urge to “find” out what’s there to be discovered in sex..and ended up as an sex addict….rm4 per day is not a small amount dude, they could have been saved that sum for some other purposes such as getting a PSP or any videogames or watch some dvd’s instead of throwing the money into the sex river for few minutes pleasure.i remember that i read an article that younger boys or experiencedless people in sex most probable will have issue in premature ejaculation, so what i’m tryin to say is why rm50 there just for few minutes. and not only that, you might be at the risk of sexual disease or the deadliest disease of all time AIDS….oooohhh..i couldnt imagine dying off from HIV positive during the teenage, damn..its really worthless.
boy boy boy….
i really dont recommend prostitution to the teenagers, there are many ways for you to release the sex urge kinda tension. Take part in some sports, jog till your knees couldnt support ur body wieght and definately u wont have the strength to think about it. or you can perform some yoga practice which diversify your mind into positive stuffs and brings in harmony into the family…if none of those are still not your choice and if u feel that u have to make it, then why not masturbate?hey people, gimme a break ya, i mean what is wrong masturbating instead of going to brothels. scientifically its healthy. so please dont look down on those adolescences whom practice that.
Please throw out the mentality in you that masturbation is an dirty act. try to widen up your mind and compare–Prostitution or Masturbation?

Enna kodumai la ithu…(wHat a tOrtUre)

instead of saying hopped to another new job, i rather to say i ran away frm the fact..the matter of fact where i need to settle down half of my commitments in my life…car loan, edu loan, creditcards and all sort of shitty bills…ran away, i thought its far enough to be an escapade and will be able to live like a free bird bt i had forgot that my past will nvr let me be in peace forever…
u noe the memory is the worst enemy in the world, the more u dun wish to think about it the more it will chase u cuz the moment u thinking that u dont wanna think about it and you are already thinking about it..confuse of wat i’m saying?even im confused thats why i’m tryin to express my feelings, hatred and dissapointment to the WWW… it is like a stranded man frm an island throwing a bottle which contains a letter into the sea hoping someone would come for rescue(keeping the fingers crossed)..
why runaway like a coward, no balls a?face it lah, be a man…that’s what u can think of for me bt be in my place and smell the shit i’m smelling and u will know that the shits that threwed at me aint fragranted as u think…the blames, the hate and the mental torture is not bearable at all…why i cant live how is wish to live?why there must be sumthg to hit me frm my back?why?
for now i can oni think of an very valid answer… my FUCKING KARMA