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    2013, I’m Lovin’ it so far ! Give me moreeeeeee!!

    Thursday, January 10th, 2013

    *  This is like my first blog post after more than a year in hibernate mode *


    yawnnzz….. Mum woke me up yesterday and passed me an A4 size envelope from the mail man.  Half asleep, I manage to open the cover without  damaging the content. To my surprise I got this !



    Well it’s a certificate of participation for my debut short film- Enough ! [bass in hindi] from BMW shorty. Overjoyed and my beauty sleep went down the drain but who cares 😛 !! I was thinking : ” hmmm that’s nice way to start my day and the year as well..”

    After long back packing trip from India, it’s my 1st day back to reality (WORK!) .

    While my outlook mailbox was busy loading the past one month emails, I was just running through some inspirational websites to boost my work mood after a month long break (no,it was all safe for work place [NSFW] websites ok!).

    And I recalled that actually the short film that I mentioned earlier was made for some other competition and I actually didn’t follow up with the results with the assumption that I did not receive any email from the organizing committee. Hence I decided to have a quick peek on the winner list  and see how bad I sucked compared to the other finalists.

    As I was scrolling down the page (click here) and I found this at the 7th thumbnail !



    I couldn’t believe my eyes! The debut short film of mine – Enough ! [bass in hindi] made it to the finals!!! And dumb me just gotta know this after one and the half month!!!!

    I was a lil upset earlier that my shorty didn’t even make it to our very own Malaysian BMW Shorty competition but managed to console myself that, that’s okay as it’s my first attempt so don’t be greedy son. But this is like….OMG!!!!!!

    Oh ya by the way, it’s the 4th International Wordless Short Film Festival that selected my entry and made it as one of the finalist. To add the icing on the cake that I’m savoring in cloud nine,  it’s the only entry from Malaysia and one of the 5 of Asian entries for the competition made it there. The movie was premiered at Armory Theater, Sydney Olympic park, Australia on the 25th of Nov 2012.

    I wish I was there to witness our work on the screen with people all around the world who attended the “big” day!

    Just in case you have not watched it before, Bass (Hindi for ‘Enough’) depicts an orphan character who struggles to survive in the concrete jungle where he resorts to his artistic talents as a means of escapism and livelihood. The film is about the exploitation of an artist in the art industry and how the character faces it.


    Check out the list below under FICTION category :



    Yes we didn’t win the best movie or any award from that but, hey we made it there! Its like a great boost for me and my team to make more attempts in near future. I have no words to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me throughout the whole process of making it and during the time when I was down thinking I made real crappy stuff and wasted viewers 9.42minutes of their life.

    Thanks again to everyone especially the jury panel of 4th International Wordless Short Film Festival for selecting Enough! as one of the best 20 from the rest of the participants all over the world.

    Thanks to EVERYONE!! You know who you are!




    Capture your life with lights, vicknes

    It’s funtime- Bloon game

    Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

    I was too busy to blog today. I even have many pictures that I’ve snapped over the weekend to upload but just couldn’t have a break to do so. Meanwhile, to fill the gap, you may enjoy playing my favorite flash game which i found back from my bookmark sometime back.

    Why so serious?

    Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

    After being kind of outdated, finally i watched The Dark Knight today morning. Due to heavy traffic congestion, i missed the 1st 15 minutes of the show where my most anticipated scene was gone. It was the scene where batman will fly down with his wings open and smack on the van. hmm..guess i gotta go for the 2nd show else should get a DVD.
    The show was about 2 hours plus but i never felt bored even for a minute. Imagine a Tamil movie with 5 songs and dance sequence which last 2.5 hours drags me into sleep but the dark knight kept me awake till the curtains down. The joker, was not a joker at all. A true villain but he’s DEAD. Wonder do you guys aware that Heath Ledger starred as The Joker in The Dark Knight is dead due to overdosed of anti-anxiety pills. read more here
    I would highly recommend everyone to watch this movie. I do not wish to write more about the synopsis. Watch it yourself and enjoy the show the fullest without knowing what is gonna happen by reading the reviews and synopsis’s.My rating for this movie 4.25 over 5.
    I scribefired this blog. Find out about it more here .

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