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    Calling all the Art and Photography lovers!!

    Saturday, January 17th, 2009

    I am kind of excited to share this information with those whom are keen in art / photography where there will be 2 great events during this weekend.


     KLPAC Open Day

    For more information about the event please visit here

    Wanna know how to get there, please click here



    And the next event will be my cup of tea, hehe.

    Photo Malaysia’s 2nd Photo Exhibition with the theme OUR VANISHING HERITAGE.

     And all the information about the event is stated on the E-Brochure itself. Please make yourself free as its a once in a year event, once in a lifetime experience kinda thingy. Be there to make it more happening.

    Sadly, I am working tomorrow, so i dont think i will be able to make it though..uhuhuhu 🙁 so please enjoy the fun of the event on behalf of me. sob sob..


    Firewalking ceremony

    Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

    Firewalking ceremony at seafield, subang jaya Mariamman temple

    Aadipooram Festival Serie III- Seafield Mariamman temple, I was there on the 2nd of August to join the crowd to celebrate the flaming fire walking ceremony.

    It was freaking hot sun as i could fry an egg on my balding head, hehe, joking talking la, no serious taking ok? The devotee crowd was awesome but I think it was merrier 2 years back when i went there.

    Another noticeable thing was, the fire walking path was filled with lesser burning charcoal. but yet, ask those who were standing beside the path how was the heat slapping their face. And i was one of the person who sneaked beyond the border line to take photograph. There, i noticed something that if you have a big camera ( layman term for dSLR), you will be assumed as photographer of some press and will be given priority, hehe. I should be thanking my kanne and amman for the clear shots opportunity

    The temple is at USJ 25 Subang Jaya


    Happy Birthday to ..::M3 and mys3lf and mY thOUghtZ::..

    Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

    Hello people, the most anticipated day for me to celebrate had finally arrived. My blog is One year old now!!!!

    Happy Birthday to ..::M3 and mys3lf and mY thOUghtZ::..

    It’s been a year i’ve been blogging, really cant believe that i had so much patience to keep my blog updated. Started off from to the current, all i can say is i made it too. I know it’s not something very great and some of the senior bloggers must be laughing at me thinking what is there to be proud of about it. But if you know me personally as a person who gives up easily, you might celebrate it with me as well.

    The main reason keep me going for a year is the support from my friends and readers, your comments that keep me motivated and makes me wanna write more and more and feed you more and more crappy piece of mind from me.
    I would just like to thank everyone, mean everyone, from the advertisers whom pays me to the silent readers of mine since the day one i started to blog. I felt i am a blogger when someone came up to me and ask, why aren’t you blogging since the past few days and they feel left out without reading it and I feel i should blog when someone who reads my blog as soon as they login to the internet in the morning. This is all small matters, but these all keep me move in a fast pace till i had the plan to get my blog an own domain and host it on my own couple of weeks and ago and here i am.
    All the credits goes to you guys and happy birthday to my crap yard!!!

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