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    Firewalking ceremony

    Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

    Firewalking ceremony at seafield, subang jaya Mariamman temple

    Aadipooram Festival Serie III- Seafield Mariamman temple, I was there on the 2nd of August to join the crowd to celebrate the flaming fire walking ceremony.

    It was freaking hot sun as i could fry an egg on my balding head, hehe, joking talking la, no serious taking ok? The devotee crowd was awesome but I think it was merrier 2 years back when i went there.

    Another noticeable thing was, the fire walking path was filled with lesser burning charcoal. but yet, ask those who were standing beside the path how was the heat slapping their face. And i was one of the person who sneaked beyond the border line to take photograph. There, i noticed something that if you have a big camera ( layman term for dSLR), you will be assumed as photographer of some press and will be given priority, hehe. I should be thanking my kanne and amman for the clear shots opportunity

    The temple is at USJ 25 Subang Jaya


    Indian Crab Curry

    Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

    I was back to my “real” home town for the weekend in conjunction with the temple festival that gonna held here. Triang, a small “cowboy” town in southern Pahang where the majorities are Chinese and followed by Malays and Indians. I was brought up here where I would call home although from the aspect of infrastructures, Triang are way backward compare to the place i live now.

    As an Indian who went to mandarin medium school in the area where Chinese are majority, I was never been discriminated as an Indian. I was always treated equally among my friends and the same happen when i moved on to secondary, always I’ll be seen hanging around with my “ah beng” buddies around, playing the so called Chinese conquered games like table tennis, badminton and mainly, basketball where i was the only real black sheep in the school team.


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