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    The beginning of NAVARAATHRI (The Nine Nights)

    Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

    Nava means 9 and raathri means night in sanskrit, its a hindu celebration which will be held for 9 consecutive days.

    Navaratri is divided into sets of three days to adore different aspects of the supreme goddess. On the first three days, the Mother is invoked as powerful force called Durga in order to destroy all our impurities, vices and defects. The next three days, the Mother is adored as a giver of spiritual wealth, Lakshmi, who is considered to have the power of bestowing on her devotees the inexhaustible wealth. The final set of three days is spent in worshipping the mother as the goddess of wisdom, Saraswati. In order have all-round success in life, we need the blessings of all three aspects of the divine mother; hence, the worship for nine nights. Even the chinese or taoism has nine days celebrations for their god as well, its call jiu wang yeh in mandarin and kow wong yeh in cantonese.

     Actually i thought of writing up a blog about each and everyday about the celebration and meanings of the days but when i googled it, i found too much of info here , here, here and many more here, so i dropped the idea since my readers might get bored of me being acting religious. Guys, I’m not religious or superstitious, but i do have my own religion and at the same time i respect the atheist, because I believe everyone has got their own reason of believing into something. Believing in not believing in god is also a belief, agree? Am i confusing? Sorry if i did, lolz. Why am i saying it, because i was mistaken as a MR HOLY wannabe here.

    Hmmm, last year navaraathri i was in India and the celebration was damn nice but this year here, miss it big time where you can see the vehicles will be tied with banana trees, you read it right, its banana trees as a part of rituals, haha. I shall upload it if remember.

    Time flies really fast and really wish to be in Calcutta for next year navaraathri. i wish i can write more about it but i need to rush back home, get showered and go to temple, hehe, sounds pious huh? let me be atleast holy for this nine days being vegetarian lor.hehe

    Happy Birthday, Lord Ganesha

    Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

    Hindu’s has the tradition or habit to name the baby after god’s name like lingam is another name for  lord shiva, krishna is another name for lord vishnu, kantha is another name of lord balasubramanyam and ahemmm vickneswaran (my name, of course) for lord vinayagar a.k.a ganesha.

    In Hinduism, each Lord has many avatar and in each avatar they are given different name. For an example, the real Dasavataram ( not the kamal’s latest movie) which narrates the 10 avatar of lord vishnu in playing different role in different yuga. I dont wish to elaborate more about the avatars here, there’s google and one can always google for it, lolz.

    It’s 3rd of Sept and its vinayagar chathurthi ( lord ganesha’s birthday). If you are somehow planning to go to down town Kuala Lumpur today, I advise you not to attempt to drive pass the pudu area. The massive celebration in Court Hill Vinayagar temple will definately flood the whole puduraya area today till midnite and its like a mini thaipusam.

    I wish i can be there but due to certain circumstances, i wont even be able to go temple tonight. It’s your bad, lord ganesha, you just don’t wish to see me rite?hmmm…

    Anyway, happy birthday cute gundu boy ganesha!!!

    Firewalking ceremony

    Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

    Firewalking ceremony at seafield, subang jaya Mariamman temple

    Aadipooram Festival Serie III- Seafield Mariamman temple, I was there on the 2nd of August to join the crowd to celebrate the flaming fire walking ceremony.

    It was freaking hot sun as i could fry an egg on my balding head, hehe, joking talking la, no serious taking ok? The devotee crowd was awesome but I think it was merrier 2 years back when i went there.

    Another noticeable thing was, the fire walking path was filled with lesser burning charcoal. but yet, ask those who were standing beside the path how was the heat slapping their face. And i was one of the person who sneaked beyond the border line to take photograph. There, i noticed something that if you have a big camera ( layman term for dSLR), you will be assumed as photographer of some press and will be given priority, hehe. I should be thanking my kanne and amman for the clear shots opportunity

    The temple is at USJ 25 Subang Jaya


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