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    Vijay&Rashmi @ Palace of the Golden Horses

    Sunday, March 7th, 2010

    This is one of my recent wedding reception shoot at the palace of the golden horses featuring Mr Vijay and Ms Rashmi (Mrs Vijay now) 🙂 .

    Rashmi and I were friends from flickr since some time back but we don’t really communicate much over there. One fine day, I logged into my flickr and saw her message saying that her fiance might contact me regarding her wedding dinner reception photo shoot. I was a bit over whelmed because I didn’t know that my work had been noticed by someone from overseas. Oh yea, by the way, Rashmi is from Singapore and bro vijay is from here (Malaysia).

    I still remember she told me in the message that she is a person with few word and camera shy and least photogenic which i totally disagreed and i bet you guys will too now.

    Congratulations to the beautiful couples Mr& Mrs Vijay, now who said we both country people cant get along, hehe. One singapore, Satu Malaysia.














    Capture your life with lights, vicknes

    Pradeeban Weds Yuktha

    Sunday, December 6th, 2009

    This is another slide show of pradeeban and yuktha. It’s their traditional indian wedding ceremony photo presentation in slide show. It was the fastest slide that i prepared so far where it took me only 2 days including minor editing and slide show preparation.

    Hope you guys enjoy as much as u did for the pre-wedding slide shows.


    1st Indian Traditional Wedding Shoot

    Sunday, February 1st, 2009

    Sharing one of the shot that i took in Kathir and Kavitha’s wedding in semenyih. More to come, just got my monitor color calibrated, so still trying to figure out the best color contrast for the photos before developing them. Any good quality photolab for recomendation??

    Knot tied

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