My 2010 and a Thanks Giving!

Many said that 2010 has been a great year for me because it seems i was more lucky and had became more of a household name in indian wedding photography industry, both locally and international. But i would say its because of the seed that i planted 2 years ago and the nurture of it had brought the fruitful year of 2010. The seed, my passion for photography ; the nurture is the continuous effort on making myself a better photographer in this industry.

Of course my hard work alone doesn’t pay it off to be who am i today, there is an old saying says we need two hands to clap in order to hear noise. But in my case because of the thousands pairs of hands and the claps for my work, i am here today as who i am. Hence my biggest thanks would go to my valued client who eventually became good friends, fellow PoserGraphers who shoot along with me, dearest family and lovely friends (both real and virtual i.e. facebook, twitter and also other social network platform).

A quick recap of 2010:

  • – The year started pretty well as i got my 1st northern region wedding assignment and it was a blast and then upgraded the gears and some lighting systems followed by my website upgrade from pure blog to a more interactive photography website .
  • – Profile shoot for the international sitar maestro, Samuel J Dass and the photos were the one featured on his latest album, Moments which is available in all the major music stores.
  • – Shot a Conceptual Trash the dress pre-wedding photograph with the 5 elements theme name Panchabootha. It was said that its the 1st Indian trash the dress conceptual photo shoot.
  • – Got hired to shoot my 1st International Conceptual Pre-wedding shoot in Singapore, l’amour la nuit and you may view the work here. This was the shoot where PicVid concept was introduced by V.I.P Studio.
  • – Things got even better when I was hired to have a full coverage of an Indian wedding back in Chennai, India!! I was accompanied by 2 fellow photographers, suren and magen to deliver the best to client.
  • – To wrap up the year with some glory, I was hired all the way to LONDON to have full coverage of the British Indian wedding ceremony including the R.O.M, the Mehndi Night and Ponnurukku (gold melting ceremony) and the Pre-Wedding with the PicVid concept with the London Love story theme and also the Grand Ceylonese Wedding.

I might have missed out some of the achievement / accreditation things that i’ve done for the past years, and to many who may think  its not even a matter to be mention or nothing to be shout about, thanks for thinking such way, you know you’ve been in my place to be the prominent who you are today. Being a photographer, our main nature is to sell our self (literally our work) as I believe if  I don’t make some noise then i’m afraid I wont be heard at all. So why bother being “proud”, when yes I do feel a lil proud from what I’ve got collected by looking back from the past 2 years of my photography career.

Last but not least, Happy new year to all and to wrap up this blog post, I would like to give in some promo for my loyal clients and friends. Please check below poster for further detail.

For further detail, please contact me at +6016-2120104 or fill up the <contact> from and i shall get back to you at the soonest.

Capture your life with lights, vicknes

Vijay&Rashmi @ Palace of the Golden Horses

This is one of my recent wedding reception shoot at the palace of the golden horses featuring Mr Vijay and Ms Rashmi (Mrs Vijay now) 🙂 .

Rashmi and I were friends from flickr since some time back but we don’t really communicate much over there. One fine day, I logged into my flickr and saw her message saying that her fiance might contact me regarding her wedding dinner reception photo shoot. I was a bit over whelmed because I didn’t know that my work had been noticed by someone from overseas. Oh yea, by the way, Rashmi is from Singapore and bro vijay is from here (Malaysia).

I still remember she told me in the message that she is a person with few word and camera shy and least photogenic which i totally disagreed and i bet you guys will too now.

Congratulations to the beautiful couples Mr& Mrs Vijay, now who said we both country people cant get along, hehe. One singapore, Satu Malaysia.














Capture your life with lights, vicknes

Happy new year!!





Sample shots





Wondering what the heck new year gotta do with my gadget bragging huh? hehe, well new year is just another day to me but i use it as a dateline to meet certain personal and career target. Forget about the car accident that i met 2 days before the new year, forget about all the dispute that i had through out the year. praying to lord that my camera bag and my wallet should swell and god bless all you  and thanks to all my wonderful client to made me better day by day, shoot by shoot.

Happy new year to all again!!


Racist Blogger!!

While i was busy with my new learned task, my colleague cum blog pal send me a link and highlighted me to have a look at it. She told me i will be very much annoyed if i read that and it was a blog about some discrimination towards Indian community. Eventhough I was freaking busy, but the word discrimination caught my attention and i managed to finished reading the short article in 4 hours, lolz. Continue reading “Racist Blogger!!”

Man need help!

I’ve received an email today and i felt very much disturbed, so i planned to postpone today’s posting and wanted to share this lil piece of info with all of you guys.

Charity – Distress Email – Deeneswaran
Deena worked as a technician in Sanyo Automedia Sdn. Bhd. (Penang
Island Plant). He met with an accident on 27-7-2008 at about 9 pm. He
broke his leg and fracture on his bone. His friend rushed him to GH
but waited for about 3 hours also nothing has been done, Later they
rush him to Gleneagles and operation was carried out immediately.
After the operation everything seems to be okay but on 28-7-2008 about
9 pm, he became confused and later difficult in breathing. It is
because Fat Embolism travel to his brain and lungs. Now he is in ICU
of Gleneagles in unconscious stage(critical stage). He is in life
support ventilator.

Total expenses increase rapidly and personal insurance had hit the
limit. The family seek help from every one to top up his expenditure
which can help him to go beyond this critical stage. A website was
setup to update the status of Deena with saddening pictures.

For some of you, it might sounds like a scam mail like ” BILL GATES IS SHARING HIS FORTUNE” or ” AOL is REALLY PAYING!!” kinda mail. but trust me, this time its for real and Deena’s friends actually took the picture of his condition in ICU and share with us. Please view them here


after posting this topic, i tried to click on the link that i shared but it didn’t seems to be working. i cleared off the / deena_in_accident.html and i got this /Deena_Passed_Away.html or here . I don’t even know this guy, but i felt very much heart ache. I don’t know why, but i swear i did. May his soul rest in peace. Lets have a moment to pray for him.

Why I dont blog politics anymore

As far as i can remember, my last “politically inclined” blog was posted approximately 2 months ago and I wouldn’t consider that as one because that was all about my rants over my dissatisfaction over Malaysian political gimmicks.

Even Mahatma Gandhi couldn’t do it

I used to blog quite often about politics when i started my blog a year ago. The reason was, back then, there were many ideas and issues to be discussed and talk about like the Hindraf, namewee, oil price and general elections and so on. And i was back in Singapore then trying to cover some issues from there like Seelan Palay’s hunger strike and stuff like that. Continue reading “Why I dont blog politics anymore”

Indian Crab Curry

I was back to my “real” home town for the weekend in conjunction with the temple festival that gonna held here. Triang, a small “cowboy” town in southern Pahang where the majorities are Chinese and followed by Malays and Indians. I was brought up here where I would call home although from the aspect of infrastructures, Triang are way backward compare to the place i live now.

As an Indian who went to mandarin medium school in the area where Chinese are majority, I was never been discriminated as an Indian. I was always treated equally among my friends and the same happen when i moved on to secondary, always I’ll be seen hanging around with my “ah beng” buddies around, playing the so called Chinese conquered games like table tennis, badminton and mainly, basketball where i was the only real black sheep in the school team.

Continue reading “Indian Crab Curry”