Happy Birthday, Lord Ganesha

Hindu’s has the tradition or habit to name the baby after god’s name like lingam is another name for  lord shiva, krishna is another name for lord vishnu, kantha is another name of lord balasubramanyam and ahemmm vickneswaran (my name, of course) for lord vinayagar a.k.a ganesha.

In Hinduism, each Lord has many avatar and in each avatar they are given different name. For an example, the real Dasavataram ( not the kamal’s latest movie) which narrates the 10 avatar of lord vishnu in playing different role in different yuga. I dont wish to elaborate more about the avatars here, there’s google and one can always google for it, lolz.

It’s 3rd of Sept and its vinayagar chathurthi ( lord ganesha’s birthday). If you are somehow planning to go to down town Kuala Lumpur today, I advise you not to attempt to drive pass the pudu area. The massive celebration in Court Hill Vinayagar temple will definately flood the whole puduraya area today till midnite and its like a mini thaipusam.

I wish i can be there but due to certain circumstances, i wont even be able to go temple tonight. It’s your bad, lord ganesha, you just don’t wish to see me rite?hmmm…

Anyway, happy birthday cute gundu boy ganesha!!!