I am a copy cat

I am born copy cat. When i was a baby, i was spoon fed; well I was not the 1st person who knows how to eat. When I can stand, mum taught me to walk, and yea, I was not the 1st person who knows how to walk and then run like any other man kind. Later I was taught to speak, read, write and sing (which i suck at it) and all others things just like you. So do you admit that you are a copycat?? I do!!

Why this topic, you may ask? Did some one say I am a copy cat? Well if anyone said that, I will proudly say yes but I will tell them at least i am admitting that I’m one but not living in denial and claiming myself that I am the 1st to do this and I am the best and I always invent something by myself which is totally BULLSH*T!!!! This write up is to share my opinion as a new comer in photography industry, as a “junior” photographer as the “seniors” address us, and as a “copy cat” who the “BAST-the 1st Egyptian cat god” claims.

Some years back, I use to snap my family function using my uncle’s film camera and I was the junior photographer of the family and yea my aunty and uncle was the one who taught me how to snap like them, so I copied their style which is placing the subject right in the middle of the frame and make sure there is some space in between the head and the foot. ROFL 😛

Later, I got my 1st point and shoot and quench out every bit of the juice of the camera that I can get but I still find the something is not there in the photos. I cant find the something like other photographers work. See, again I try to copy cat by comparing with other photos. So I thought maybe the camera has limitation and that’s the reason its different output.

Hence, there goes my 1st DLSR, a Canon 400D and I was overjoyed and thinking that, yeay, I’m gonna make the pictures that have that something that I cant get in my point and shoot camera. And I started to shoot and shoot and shooooooot but yet the output, hmmm, not so the something. So I went online, look for other photographers work and compare what is wrong, and I couldn’t find the error. With frustration, I planned to read up more online, e-books even though I hate reading but this passion got me going and reach out all the possible resource to get that something in my photos.

Eureka, I thought I found out what is that something. Its called bokeh (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bokeh), in layman term, it’s the background blur effect. So now I know what to do, and again I started to shoot shoot and shooooooooooooot but still the something is not really there..more and more shoots, more research, more discussion and all this are done by referring to others or  “copying” others info or idea.

And till today, I am still finding for the something which I doubt I will ever find what that is because that something is something which is different from each photographer. To get that something, we have to use the same thing (method) but with different approach. Then I realize, that everything that I do including making or taking or snapping picture is also an activity of copycat, BUT, the main thing is how we improvise from that and make it looks more original instead of stealing others idea wholly.

Now i believe i am making the something kinda pic myself and stop comparing with other some kind of photographer

Merry X’mas and happy new year.

Happy Copycatting and don’t give 2 dung about others says cause he who calls you a copycat, he is actually speaking to the mirror!!!


Happy Onam Festival

To all my dear malayalee friends all over the world, here goes my heartiest Onam Ashamshangal (Happy Onam) wishes!!!

What i know about Onam is all about 16 types of vegetables dishes and my favourite inji puli ( tamarind ginger) plus many other kolambu’s (gravy). Other than food, of course the omanakutties with the white blouse showing the sexy belly, woww… i have to admit that Kerala is one of the land that produces pretty Indian girls.

Onam is the biggest and the most important festival of the state of Kerala. It is a harvest festival and is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm all over the state by people of all communities. According to a popular legend, the festival is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali, whose spirit is said to visit Kerala at the time of Onam.  Source

Actually there are many things to talk about Kerala and Malayalees but then vickneswaran.com will become manjakz.com malayalee.org, so to maintain the originality of my personal blog, i stick to the purpose of this posting which is to wish all my dear malayalee friends whom are celebrating Onam Festival. I wish I will be in Kerala next year during this time to celebrate and enjoy the real Onam fever. And the food is simply amazing, gosshh, guess im too hungry that’s why im keep talking about it.

So, if I did hurt any of you, my dear malayalee friends, please forgive me. Those who can forgive are like god!! Cheer up


p/s: may i know what is that malayalee theme song: kadalanakkara ponnoreh, something nakkara ponnoreh, yenge poyi yenna konduvaaroooo mean a? ( i know the pronunciation is wrong, but im sure u understand what i meant there, rite?) Anyone out there care to explain?thanks

Benchmark to be an Indian

When we wanna talk about certain race or ethnics, i am sure there are certain aspect will resemble the races, i.e. businessman and ah beng’s for chinaman a.k.a chinese and fasting month (puasa) which is actually for the muslims but in malaysia it will mostly reminds us of the malays. Wonder why am i being such a racist by not mentioning about indians?lolz, wondered too soon, i have a list of indians habit and practice that makes indians a real indian. To be honest ( to avoid get bombard for plagiarism), I adopted below facts from an email and did lil modification to it and share with you guys. Just for fun yea. Continue reading “Benchmark to be an Indian”

Why I dont blog politics anymore

As far as i can remember, my last “politically inclined” blog was posted approximately 2 months ago and I wouldn’t consider that as one because that was all about my rants over my dissatisfaction over Malaysian political gimmicks.

Even Mahatma Gandhi couldn’t do it

I used to blog quite often about politics when i started my blog a year ago. The reason was, back then, there were many ideas and issues to be discussed and talk about like the Hindraf, namewee, oil price and general elections and so on. And i was back in Singapore then trying to cover some issues from there like Seelan Palay’s hunger strike and stuff like that. Continue reading “Why I dont blog politics anymore”