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    Unseeing the seen by Karthik Vengkatraman

    Saturday, April 17th, 2010
    Dear All,
    ‘Unseeing the Seen’ is a phtoography workshop by Karthik Venkatraman after the success of the first one held in KL in February. This workshop is will be held 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th May 2010 (8am to 11am) at Sutra Gallery, Titiwangsa. Attached in this mail is an e-blast with more information about the workshop. Should you require further information, please feel free to ask me. Thank you!
    eblast for sutra final

    For more information, please contact:

    Miss Revathi 013-3412416

    Capture your life with lights, vicknes

    The Devarajoo’s

    Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

    On the 3rd day of diwali, I was hired to shoot a family outdoor portrait in kampar, perak. The journey was like forever because finding the route was never as easy as I thought. Welcomed by a gang of buffalo at the entrance of Kampung SMTD, Kampar reminded me of the tamil movie Anniyan (outsider)’s 1sts scene. Later we were told that one of the family member, aruna use to spend her childhood with them (buffaloes), play with them and talk to them. Wow, not bad huh..hehehe..

    It was a hot morning and there were kids and baby, so i found its a real challenge to do outdoor shoot as the kids might get cranky, so I managed to get it done very quickly with the kids and family portrait by a pond side and also another my personal fav location, a waste land which looks like a desert with some greens. And that was the place that was burning hot, I didnt have the heart to keep the kids baked under the sun, so just managed to get a few snap shots (i would say) and packed up and headed back to their backyard for a shoot.

    It was really fun to have the whole family get together for a shoot like this and they are such a lovely people especially the silent and always smiling uncle and the total opposite wife, the aunty..hehe…good to have u guys in my portfolio..

    and yea, if possible please watch in HD format.cheers!!

    Pradeeban Weds Yuktha

    Sunday, December 6th, 2009

    This is another slide show of pradeeban and yuktha. It’s their traditional indian wedding ceremony photo presentation in slide show. It was the fastest slide that i prepared so far where it took me only 2 days including minor editing and slide show preparation.

    Hope you guys enjoy as much as u did for the pre-wedding slide shows.


    Deepavali Friendster Comments

    Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

    Hi friends, hope all of you are doing fine without my craps for sometime, lolz. I used to question those who claim that they don’t even have time to do some simple task in daily life and they used to curse me that i will know one day when it happen to me and shit you guys, its happening.

    I didn’t even have the time to reply a simple sms of my friends nowadays so can you imagine how it feels. Yea, achu is right, for once im doing work for what i’ paid for, lolz.

    Anyway, i dont wish to bore you guys again with my craps. Here i had created two diwali comments for my fellow Friendster Users,Fans and friends. If you think its worth sharing with your fellow friends, all you need to do is copy the code below the image and paste in the comment column in the Friendster and tadaa, it will appear there in few minutes.

    Well, its actually nothing special if you just look at it as Just-another-comment, yea i agree with you. But what makes me think its different is, i am the owner of the photos (novin cant sue me for copyright) and its taken by my kanne (my 400D). I didn’t “steal” others pic and photoshop and share it online, thats the only reason i feel lil proud ( although the pictures are not above the par).

    If you like it, please support by sharing the comments with your friends, after all festive is about sharing, right? Happy diwali to all of you!!!


    Firewalking ceremony

    Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

    Firewalking ceremony at seafield, subang jaya Mariamman temple

    Aadipooram Festival Serie III- Seafield Mariamman temple, I was there on the 2nd of August to join the crowd to celebrate the flaming fire walking ceremony.

    It was freaking hot sun as i could fry an egg on my balding head, hehe, joking talking la, no serious taking ok? The devotee crowd was awesome but I think it was merrier 2 years back when i went there.

    Another noticeable thing was, the fire walking path was filled with lesser burning charcoal. but yet, ask those who were standing beside the path how was the heat slapping their face. And i was one of the person who sneaked beyond the border line to take photograph. There, i noticed something that if you have a big camera ( layman term for dSLR), you will be assumed as photographer of some press and will be given priority, hehe. I should be thanking my kanne and amman for the clear shots opportunity

    The temple is at USJ 25 Subang Jaya


    Shy Sun

    Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

    This shot was taken in Triang, Pahang. As usual, i grabbed my kanne and went out for photo hunt in the gravel path to the plantation estate. Popo ( grandma in mandarin) said come home before dark because someone drowned in the lake sometime back. Gosh, that’s eerie. You must be wondering which lake am i talking about, I will upload other pictures soon as my flickr gone “kanasai” again.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking wanna separate out the photos into a photo blog. Any comments?

    Bon Voyage Singapore

    Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

    I was away to Singapore for the past 3 days. It was a fun filled but tiring weekend traveling up and down from Johor Bahru to Singapore, putting up my nights over in Singapore and JB but I had to miss my favorite Udumbu curry from the corner shop aunty because my body was over heated and nose started to bleed, hmm..

    The reason i visited Singapore again was because I have some pending business with the MOM (ministry of man power, singapore)- Employment Pass cancellation. Being a sentimental *&^%, I felt a bit sad to give back the EP as it was with me for the past one year but I had to. While i was on the way to the lion city, i started to admire some of the real multiracial culture over there. In a word, all the race and languages are given equal priority (although its not really like that from the insider view,hehe) (more…)

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