Saroja is here!!

Wonder who is that saroja? lolx, no, she’s not my girlfriend and me too have no idea who is that saroja refers to. If you wanna know, then i am afraid you’ve got to wait till the movie release. Yes, it’s a tamil movie title which is most anticipated by the Tamil film lovers especially those who think that chennai 60028 as a super hit!!

The film “Saroja” already created lot of talk among the people because of its successful Chennai 60028 team the film has huge expectation. It will be good to see the Director will give a brighter new story for the viewers. Hope the same team will make this “Saroja” in a successful run.

Just listened to all the songs, I would give only 3 out 5 for Yuvan’s talent. I would say i prefer Chennai 60028 better as in the 1st time listening impression. But for Saroja, I had turned it off after listening continuously all the tracks for 3 times. Hmm, maybe it will be blast once we watch it with the movie. Check out the “saroja” team below:

Cast: S.P.B. Charan, Premji Gangai Amaran,
Siva,Prakash Raj, Jayaram Kajal Agarwal, Vega
Banner: Amma Creations
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Direction: Venkat Prabhu

To download, click here. Its a 24MB file zipped into a single .zip file for easier download instead of downloading one song by one song.

p/s: Sakkarakatti by ARR is out as well, but it’s not up to my expectation as well. And that’s my personal opinion, no offense yea.