Longest Lasting Orgasm of the year!!

I know the title sounds naughty/kinky, but I can bet the feeling was even greater than that when I got what I was craving and dying to get for past few months. I don’t wish to blog much as I had finish reading the manual, now i am about to explore it, baby!!

But one thing that i had learn is, the positive attitude and the burning passion will drive you to achieve quicker than you expect. I know I might sounds showing off or cocky, but I’m just over excited, so pardon me for the c*ck talk, all right? The achieving feeling is the one makes me talk like this. It might not be some big time achievement for most of you, but it’s me the one and people whom are close to me know how much it meant to me and what kind of effort I actually put into make it happen.

Yea friends, lets welcome my new born baby in the kanne family!! Continue reading “Longest Lasting Orgasm of the year!!”

Happy 2009!!

Hi all, here goes my best wishes for the new year of 2009. Let us welcome the year with full of joy and love ( yea i am sharing it from the office with my rojak buah)> May god bless all and dont run away from my blog, because if you do google stops paying me (as if imĀ  earning well through that). Continue reading “Happy 2009!!”