Tamron Lifestyle Snap Shot Seminar

I participated in this above mentioned seminar sometime like a month back and i wanted to show off the group photos that we took together among the participants but i couldnt find it. It was just parked on my messy desktop and i was only able to track it when i was doing spring cleaning after the C: drive left 1GB space and it was keep on hanging due to insufficient.

OK back to the topic,  I would like to thank the organisers for the wonderful gift pack which consist of a tamron t-shirt (the one all of us was wearing), a tamron printed towel, rm50 voucher, lens catalogue and lens cleaning cloth. On top of that, the valueable talk by the senior photographer uncle.

After the talk, we had a street photography competition which i couldn’t really participate due to some reason that i had to leave on that day. But i’m glad that atleast i am in the group photo.haha, so now, can you guys spot me?


Happy 2009!!

Hi all, here goes my best wishes for the new year of 2009. Let us welcome the year with full of joy and love ( yea i am sharing it from the office with my rojak buah)> May god bless all and dont run away from my blog, because if you do google stops paying me (as if im  earning well through that). Continue reading “Happy 2009!!”